Friday, December 30, 2005


On December 8th, Sam and Gabe Gearhart were born to Kristin and Nate. We think they're pretty neat!

Happy Josiah!

Josiah loves to be held. Here he is a few days before Christmas.

Doogie 1st Blogger???

I was thinking today about how far we've come in journaling our lives. As a girl, I wrote in diaries and hid them from my little brothers. As a college student I kept a devotional journal. Now I am typing my thoughts for the world to see. That's so odd in a way.

Remember Doogie Howser? Each episode would end with Doogie journaling on his computer. If he would have had a blog back then, he would have probably been the first blogger that we know of. If you don't know who Doogie is, you must be a teenager or younger - and yes, I must be old.

Camden is sick...running a fever and just miserable. Josiah had a better day today. He'd been fussy all week, but I finally figured out that he is going through a growth spurt and needs to eat more. Plus, I think all the veggies that I 've been eating are bothering him. Poor little guys in our house. I hope they both sleep well tonight.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Camden...waiting to open his present. Hurry Christmas!!
Here's a photo of Josiah...isn't he cute?

Our Little Blue Heaven

Since blogging seems to be the way to go, I'm giving this a shot. Our little blue heaven is our house. Our house is a very small one - 930 square feet....but it is ours.....well, the bank's. At any rate, we aren't paying rent, and we are owning a home much sooner than we ever thought we would.

We (Joel and I) have two sons, Camden and Josiah. Camden is almost 2 1/2 and Josiah is a fresh 13 weeks! They certainly keep me busy these days. Camden is always making funny comments, and Josiah has just started to really laugh and smile at us. I love being a mom!