Friday, December 30, 2005

Doogie 1st Blogger???

I was thinking today about how far we've come in journaling our lives. As a girl, I wrote in diaries and hid them from my little brothers. As a college student I kept a devotional journal. Now I am typing my thoughts for the world to see. That's so odd in a way.

Remember Doogie Howser? Each episode would end with Doogie journaling on his computer. If he would have had a blog back then, he would have probably been the first blogger that we know of. If you don't know who Doogie is, you must be a teenager or younger - and yes, I must be old.

Camden is sick...running a fever and just miserable. Josiah had a better day today. He'd been fussy all week, but I finally figured out that he is going through a growth spurt and needs to eat more. Plus, I think all the veggies that I 've been eating are bothering him. Poor little guys in our house. I hope they both sleep well tonight.

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Jennifer said...

i always wondered who doogie was writing to. i mean, i never really understood why he would write all that on the puter. i guess he wouldve been the first blogger - had there actually been such a thing! good thinking, marie!