Friday, December 29, 2006

Gearhart Family Christmas

Each year we gather at Grandma Gearhart's house for family Christmas. This year was no different. I love spending time with Joel's side of the family and I'm thankful that we live close to one side of our families. I can't imagine being somewhere far from all extended family. This photo was taken at the end of the day. Josiah really didn't want his picture taken. The twins look happy though! That's Gabe with Krisitin and Sam with Nate.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our Freezer Door Squeaks

Yes, it's true! Our fridge is one year younger than me, and the door to the freezer squeaks....much to Joel's delight. We have no intentions of fixing the door so that the squeaking will cease. When Joel was a kid, his Dad would often get ice cream after Joel and his siblings were in bed. Back then, the Gearhart freezer door squeaked so the kids always knew that Dad waited to have ice cream until AFTER they were in bed.
Now Joel does the same thing and truly delights in it. I guess ice cream tastes better when there's absolutely no chance of sharing with a toddler!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Beloved Elf

Since we can't convince Camden about Santa Claus, I've decided to tell him that Daddy is Santa's head elf. You can check out Joel's Elfness here. You're sure to get a good laugh! We love you, Daddy!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Interesting article

I just read an article online about a man who was executed in Florida. There is a huge outcry because it took 34 minutes for the man to die by lethal injection, and it even required a second dose of the chemicals. You can read the article here.

The man was convicted of murder in 1979, and is just now being executed. I would think his appeals and such were exhausted a long time ago. I am in favor of the death penalty, and the fact that he might have suffered a little doesn't alarm me. He caused great suffering for the one he murdered and that victim's family, for sure. It sounds harsh, but he got what he deserved.

There will be an investigation and we'll see where this goes. I don't think that it is cruel and unusual punishment that he had to be given a second dose, that he moved some during this time and that he licked his lips and mouthed some words. But, my opinion doesn't matter. He's not my relative and I don't live in Florida.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Camden is discovering the fact that our weather changes with the seasons. We had a really cold snap about a week or so ago, and in teasing Camden I asked him why he made it so cold. He responded that HE didn't make it cold, GOD did. Here's exactly what he said (words of God in a deep, bold voice:)

God said, "Let it be cold." And it was cold.

Simple enough. Oh, to be 3 again!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Would the REAL Santa please stand up?

Camden is getting very excited for Christmas. Last year we told him that Santa Claus was just a cartoon character, much like Mickey Mouse or Thomas the Tank Engine. That answer seemed to work just fine, and he accepted it.
This year is different. Once again we discussed Santa, only adding that he is a fun pretend part of Christmas. We've even told Camden that Daddy and Mommy really put the presents under the tree, just like Mimi and Bapa do at their house. Camden told me, "I think you're lying to me. He IS real!" Um, no son....he's not.
So, we've made a few trips to the mall to see the nice man in a red suit. I wanted Camden to see that he's just a nice man dressed in a costume. While he agrees with me, he thinks that the real Santa sent these nice men because he's too busy making toys to be at the mall.
I guess we'll just keep telling him the truth and have some fun. After all, eventually he'll believe us....even if he's 30 before he does. :)

Quiverfuller? Me not so much.

Well, I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to give you my opinion. Our internet connection was down because of an outtage in our area. My response? Here goes:

My thoughts on this are varied. I guess I don't have a problem with the quiverfull idea necessarily, but I don't agree that it is for everyone. I know that not every warrior's quiver was the same size, and I really think that mine is on the smaller side!

I also believe that God gave me a brain and a uterus for a reason! Women's bodies generally run on a very predictable cycle. I tend to think that perhaps this is so we could figure out how to adequately plan/avoid pregnancies. For some people this is still like saying, "I don't want any more blessings from God." But...we need to be careful not to put God in a box.

Furthermore, I believe that we shouldn't have any more children than we can effectively care for and disciple. Joel and I don't make a huge salary. We live a comfortable, budgeted lifestyle. We could not possible expect to raise 6 kids on this salary! Some then say, "cut corners, shop discount stores, go to thrift stores...." I ALREADY DO!! Also, I don't want to have to figure out a way to make sure each child gets adequate attention and care. With my small (in some eyes) little nest, I can do that more effectively. Some are able to handle more. I think THAT is a special gift from God.

So, a quiverfuller? Not so much. However, my quiver is almost nearly full. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Are you a quiverfuller???

I read this article recently and have been watching an online discussion of the topic. What are your thoughts??

GREAT Article

Holly Stratton is the wife of Dr. Dick Stratton, president of Clearwater Christian College. She recently published an article (as she has in the past) on Sharper Iron. The article is too lengthy to publish here, but you can read it here.

I found the article challenging and refreshing, and I think you will too. We could all use (and teach) a little more discernment!

By the way, Mrs. Stratton spoke at our ladies' retreat in 2004.....I thought she was terrific! She was so NORMAL and down to was great!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Say What???

Last night we baked some peanut butter cookies with Camden. Okay, so we cheated a little and used the store-bought Pillsbury dough in a tube. He doesn't care if they are from scratch anyway! After we had them in the oven (and boy, you should have seen him "smush" them with the sugared fork) I told him we should go to the living room while they baked. He looked at me and said, "No comprendo." I looked at Joel - who was staring in utter shock - picked my jaw up off the floor and said, "What!?"

"No comprendo." This time Camden burst into laughter as he followed me to the living room. Then I asked him what "No comprendo" means. Here's his answer....."I don't know, Silly!"

When he decided to become bilingual, I don't know. Maybe next time, he'll know what he is saying.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Do the right thing....get out and VOTE

Hey everyone....Go Vote! It's not only our right, it's our responsibility! Did you know that we have worse voter turn out in our country than in most other democratic countries?? Typically only 30-50% of Americans a presidential year. This being an off year means it will probably be less!

Remember, if you don't vote you don't have a say!

Friday, November 03, 2006


The other day I offered Camden a piece of fruit. He told me, "I can't eat that! Fruit killed Eve." Then I offered him an apple....which he readily accepted! When I asked him about it, he told me that Adam and Eve could eat the apples off of the trees, but they couldn't eat from the FRUIT OF THE ONE TREE. Needless to say, we no longer eat fruit in our house. But, you're welcome to join us for an apple. :)

John 3:16 - God so loved the world that He gave His homely son. - CWGV (Camden William Gearhart version)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ER visits and new bandaids

Well, the inevitable finally happened. Camden broke a glass Sunday night and cut his toe. It was bleeding pretty badly and looked deep, so I drove him to the ER. Well, first I drove to Urgent Care but something can only be urgent until 5:00 p.m. on Sundays. So, off to St. John Macomb Hospital we went. Thankfully that hospital is only 10 minutes from our house (and 12 from the not-so-urgent-because-it's-Sunday care center. )
The nurses and doctors were TEERRIIFFIIC (as the goose in Charlotte's Web says) with Camden. They x-rayed his foot to make sure no glass remained. Then they wrapped him like a mummy and I had to help hold him down while they numbed his toe. A male nurse held down his legs (Camden is much stronger than I thought!!). 2 stiches later he was MUCH better (and not feeling pain).
All in all I was very pleased with the ER. We were in and out in an hour (not bad, really). Here's a look at his toe (picture taken Tuesday).
Of course, we must keep it clean and Mommy went out and got Spiderman Bandaids....the other ones we had all got used as stickers....hmmmmm.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Something new

I've added a new feature to my blog. Can anyone tell me what it is????

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First snow of the season

The meteorologist on Channel 7 said it would snow, but not stick. So, I rushed out to get a few photos of our first snow.! It is snowing and sticking, but will likely melt just as fast as it fell! Here are a few photos of our first snowfall! Yes, that is my rose...grew it myself. If you click on the first photo it will enlarge and you can see just how much is coming down!

Tigers Vs. Yankees - Game 4 of ALDS

Joel and I were given two tickets to the game this past Saturday. For me it was a blast...for Joel it was a dream come true! His beloved Tigers are in the postseason, and he got to be there to see them send those Yankees home! We had a great time.
The tickets came by way of a family member of Nate and Kristin. They joined us at the game along with Laura, Kristin's sister.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Josiah is One!!!

On Friday the 29th we celebrated Josiah's first birthday (yes Mom, he WAS born in September!). His birthday is the 30th, but that day was Harvest Fest so we celebrated early.

I made him a cake with the Baby Einstein Caterpillar on top. I thought it looked pretty good.

Happy Birthday, Jojo!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


She made the best lasagna you've ever tasted. In fact, she made the best jello, cake, buckwheat cakes and jelly too. She seemed to always be happy. Whenever I'd go to her house, she'd ask me what I wanted to eat...and she'd make me anything!

She loved to sit outside and watch the garden grow. When we took Camden there last summer she pushed him in the swing again and again. She truly loved her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

She was probably one of the most unselfish people I've ever known. She was always could stop by her house anytime....and sometimes people did!

She was kind, generous, loving, patient, beautiful, honest, and sincere. She was my Grandma, and I loved her very much.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Over the river and through the woods....

A week and a half ago we drove to Cleveland and from there to West Virginia to see my grandma. Grandma Shaffer has cancer and is nearing the end. We took our boys (she'd never seen Josiah in person) and spent an afternoon with her.

When we walked in the house, Grandma knew who we were (I'm not sure that could be said today) and was delighted to see us. Though her appearance has changed because of the cancer and her treatments, she still had that twinkle in her eyes.

I said goodbye to Grandma that day. I don't know that I'll see her again on this earth. While I'm sad for myself, I'm also sad for my kids who will not ever really know her. This pales in comparison to what Grandpa must be feeling. He's known Grandma since they were kids....and soon so much of what he knows as life with her will be a memory.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My bearded little man

Josiah tried to eat the bath bubbles today. This was the result. It's hard to see in the photo, but my 11 month old has a bubble beard!

Jadon Sleeps Over

Tonight Jadon came home with us to spend the night. We'll take him home tomorrow when we go to his house for a cookout. Camden was so excited to have Jadon's 10:30 and they're still awake.
As they got ready for bed, they were complementing each other on their "cool" pajamas. How funny is that?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Link

Joel uploads photos of youth group stuff to Flickr. If you're interested, take a look. Most of the photos are from our missions trip to Germany, but a few are from recent teen things.
This photo is from the Tigers game...and one of Camden's first gum-chewing experiences.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My tree..well, sort of.

Our neighbors have a huge tree in their front yard. Each fall the leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow, and I love how it looks. Being from New England, I am very picky about fall color. I think I'll always prefer NE color to everywhere else. Anyhow, they neighbors were trimming branches off of the tree yesterday! I am so disappointed. They've ruined the best tree on this street! Nevermind that they were playing some wretched music (definately not anything by the Pettit team or the Wilds.)
Now I guess I'll have to rely on pictures from magazines to get my fall fix. One good thing is that the apples and cider here are terrific. We don't have Macks Apples, but Blakes will suffice I guess.

Just Clowning Around

Yesterday I let Camden pick out clothes for himself and Josiah. The photo shows that he has quite a knack for style!! By the way, he thinks a tie can be worn with ANY shirt that has a collar.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Out of the mouth of my boy

I keep telling myself I shouldn't be so surprised when Camden says or does something funny. After all, he is a child - children do funny things. I guess I'm just easily amused which isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm rarely bored.
Last night Camden went to the grocery store with me. I was quickly reminded why I usually go by myself! Ha ha. I ended up with more kid-friendly food than is typical.
As we went up and down the aisles, Camden frequently held his hand up to his ear and talked on his "phone."
"Daddy, now we are going to buy pudding." "I fink I should get the Turtle fruit snacks because I am a free-year-old now. Is that a good idea?"
Now, picture me in the frozen food section with Camden 10 feet away yelling, "MOMMMYYYY, do WEEEEEE need BBBRRRROOOOCCCCOOOOLLLLIIII????" Yes, Camden - but I already put it in the cart.
On the way home I was rehearsing with Camden some important facts I want him to know. His phone number, where he lives, etc. He asked me, "Do we live in Southwest Carolina?" "No," I replied, "but Aunt Tracy lives in South Carolina." His answer was priceless for this MBBC grad....and when you read the next statement, add emphasis at the end like a promo video.....
"No she doesn't mommy, she lives at BOB JONES!!!!!"
Obviously he's overheard some innocent teasing of his Aunt Tracy's choice of Grad schools...we also have a couple college kids there from our church and some good-natured teaching ALWAYS abounds.....
I love this age!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A new adventure

As you know, I have been selling things on Ebay for a little while. This all started as a hobby and quickly grew into a little side business. Well as of today I have an Ebay store! You can visit my store any time! I am hoping that this will generate a little more traffic and increase my sales.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


On the right sidebar I've added a link (in the white box) to Blogarithm. This is a service that will email you when I've updated the you don't have to check back in vain! All you do is put in your email address and click the button. It's free.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Me, My Java, and Meijer

Once a week - usually Mondays - I leave the house.....ALONE! I drive 1/2 mile east to a great american coffee icon for a Venti White Mocha, then drive 3 miles northwest to Meijer. I typically call a sibling, usually Jen, and proclaim "I'm on my way to the Grocery Store!"

I might as well be a soccer mom already! I love my time at Meijer. I love my minivan. I love wandering around a store for a few hours just looking at stuff. Of course, I buy my groceries too, but even that can be fun. I have a routine way that I shop the store and I'm usually gone from home for 2 hours or so. I always try to leave once the boys are in bed....then Joel gets some peace and quiet too. There have been several times when I've left home too late to grab my favorite drink, so I'll settle for something from Speedway or just get nothing.

Last night was one of those nights. This routine helps to maintain my sanity and keeps my fridge stocked....I love it, hate to deviate from it....oh, and Val - I always think of you! Somehow, in some weird way (not psycho-weird, just we've been friends for so long weird) it's like you're there with me because I know you probably shopped that night too.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yard Sales

Camden, Josiah and I went to some yard sales today. We found some pretty good stuff! Camden likes to yard sale as long as he comes home with something good.

Last night I put costumes on the boys that Jen brought when she was here. Here's Josiah in the dalmation set. What fun we had!

A few weeks ago Camden and I were talking about marrying people. He told me that he's going to marry me when he grows up. I told him that he cannot marry me, because I am married to Daddy. Then he said, "Well, if Jadon ever gets to be a girl, then I'll marry him!"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

And more....

When Jen was here we had a little fun with the camera. For the record, it was VERY late at night.

New pictures

Camden had a RACE CAR birthday when my mom and family were here!

Josiah loves his new talent - CRAWLING!

Bloggin' bout my boys

I know, I know...I haven't been telling Camden and Josiah stories. I have lots of if I could just find the time. Here's a Camdenism update:
As we were leaving church tonight Camden told me that, "When the sunshine goes away then the darkness gets in our eyes." Quite true, I guess!

Now that he is 3, Camden thinks he can jump better. This was demonstrated when he jumped off the back of the couch and did a 1/4 turn and landed on the floor. Joel told him that we don't jump and play on the furniture. A few hours later I found Camden leaning over the arm of the couch, standing on his head and flipping over...."but mommy, I wasn't JUMPING on the couch!"

Josiah is into EVERYTHING!!!!! I can't begin to tell you how many times I have found him somewhere he shouldn't be! By the way, he only says "mama" when he wants something. Go figure.
Don't tell the nutrition police: Camden likes "Tart-pops" for breakfast.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Don't you just love summer? I don't like it when it is 96 degrees and super humid, but other than that it is terrific!
Our summer has been great. We had a great trip to Germany, a wonderful week at Camp CoBeAc and a productive Mid-Summer Mania. We've been busy!
Joel had surgery on the 28th, so we've been nursing him back to health :) He's up and around a little more now. I think he's finally realized why I sometimes need to "get out of the house."
Camden is 3 years old now. I can't believe it. He's fully potty trained (can't remember the last time he wore a diaper!)
Josiah finally has 2 teeth...and he is sooo busy. If it's possible to run on your knees, he does it!

You may remember me mentioning Ed Horn. Ed was 30 years old when he met his Savior face to face. You can read about his journey here. Please pray for his wife, Kelley, and their kids, Aiden and Kya.

Joel starts basketball practices next week.....and life gets a little busier. Before we know it we'll be in the coolness of fall......can't wait for fresh apple cider and donuts!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Joel's cousin, Katie, has blogged about a situation that weighs heavy on our hearts. You can read her blog here.
I have some very strong thoughts regarding this whole thing, and I will blog about it later when I can do so with the right attitude. I think Katie stated things in a very eloquent manner.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy days

The past little while has been very busy. Joel and I are leaving Tuesday to go to Germany with 4 of our teens and 1 youth sponsor. While we are excited, I am dreading leaving my boys. They will be in good hands, but I hate to leave them for so long.
Camden is now almost fully potty trained. He's afraid to not wear a diaper at night, so that is the one area we still need to conquer.
Josiah is still our toothless wonder! He'll probably cut teeth and start crawling while we're away *sigh*.
I've been reflecting on how much my life has changed in the past 11 years! June 3rd marked 11 years since my high school graduation. I guess the past decade has seen the most change than the first two (okay, almost two...).
Here's a recap of the past 11 years:

Started college at Maranatha in the Fall of 1995. I had long hair and the "wall 'o bangs". Mom and Dad were still married. Jim, Jen and Bob were still at home, and the family didn't even have Abby yet.
Met Joel that first year, but began dating the fall of 1996. Spent summers working at Benway-Johnston, Kelly Services and Houlihans.
Got engaged in March of 1999 and then went home. Taught at VCS during the 1999-2000 school year - 2nd grade. That seems an eternity ago!
Married Joel on June 24, 2000 and moved to Wisconsin. I worked in the Welcome Center and for Dr. Oats while Joel worked as the Athletic Events Manager. After that first year, I taught 2nd grade at CBCS.
In 2003 we moved to Michigan, 7 weeks before Camden was born. 27 months later, Josiah joined us.
We've been at Macomb for 3 years now....I wonder how the next 11 years will change us!?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hang on for the ride

Well, summer is almost officially here. It sure feels like summer outside! We've had upper 80's and low 90's for almost a week straight!
In just about 3 weeks we will be in Germany - we being Joel and me, Heather and 4 teens. I am very excited about the trip...not so excited about leaving my boys. They will be in good hands, and I am sure they will have a great time.
One week after we return from Germany we will go to camp at Cobeac. Joel grew up going to camp there, but this will be my second time. We take the teens to Cobeac during the summers that we have a foreign missions trip.

Camden had a friend over last night. We had a lot of fun! Yesterday we drove to Davison to watch Faith-Clinton play Faith-Davison in the semifinal soccer match. The girls from Davison won 5-3. After the game we took the boys to McDonalds (with a playplace) and then came home. This morning we baked cookies, the boys played outside in the sprinkler and then we all took naps!

Aunt Jen was here for the weekend. Camden loves it when relatives come to must be all the extra attention! :)

Well, this has been quite the eclectic entry, but I felt I at least needed to update.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

These are pictures from Riverside Park in Watertown - we took these while we were there for Joel's grad class at Maranatha.

Friday, May 19, 2006

And now for our regularly scheduled program...

Wow, I've been non-existent blogwise for a while. Sorry! I do have a new Camdenism for you though!

We've been teaching Camden to show respect and to be serious when needed. During lunch the other day I asked Camden to pray. I told him to remember to be serious and respectful. At dinner that night he was asked to pray again. I said, "Remember, we need to be...." his answer? "skeptical."
He mean respectful, but it was really cute!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

So it's been a while...

Wow, my last post was a while ago! We left on Easter Sunday and drove to Maranatha for a grad module. The boys and I tagged along while Joel went to get smarter. :)

We stayed with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave...what a blessing to do! We were right on campus with easy access to everything we needed. We were able to spend some good time with Jen, Bob and Matt (and Katie, Davis, Aunt Kathy, Uncle get the idea.)

We drove home on Friday (the 21st) and then headed to Davison the next morning for the Great Lakes Youth Conference. The boys stayed with Tracy and I went back and forth from the church to the house.

Our week barely got started on Sunday before it came to a crashing halt. I left church with what I thought was the stomach flu. After several days and 10 pounds I found out it was either food poisoning or a bacterial infection. Regardless, I started an antibiotic on Thursday and today was able to eat normal food (NO SALTINES!!).

I have lots of funny moments to blog and will being doing just that, but I wanted to update my 3 faithful readers to let you know where I've been.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Memories

42. Wearing Dad's leather Army jacket.
43. Trying on mom's nylons.
44. The waterbed was ALWAYS warm.
45. Jimmy cutting our clothes in Grandma's basement when we were on vacation.
46. Coming home for spring break during college and surprising Mom at 2:00a.m. - THEN going to Bob's room and trying to wake him up....only to find out that Jamie Trudel was sleeping in Bob's bed and Bob was on the floor. OOPS! Sorry Jamie.
47. Being a cheerleader. It used to be cool.
48. Summer Camp at Northland and Dad sneaking me chocolate in my cabin.
49. Driving away from the gas pumps after camp and not paying (accidentally)....we DID go back and pay.
50. Thinking that "car phones" were sooooo awesome.
51. Learning to drive.
52. Mom made the best birthday cakes.
53. Rushing home from church to watch "America's funniest Home videos"
54. Dad swallowing goldfish during VBS.
55. Getting ice cream cones after piano lessons and sticking the papers from the cones to our heads.
56. Dad shaving his arm....for John-boy...and still telling the story!!
57. Going on vacation and trying to be good so Dad would stop someplace with a pool.
58. The first microwave we ever had (in Germany) and my food becoming petrified and preserved forever.
59. FREE RIDES!!!!
60. Mom's lasagna....I'll say it again.....Mom's lasagna.
61. Plastic man...ask Jim.
62. Robby stomping up the stairs and mom telling him to stop stomping. Then he replied, "I'm NOT...MY FEET ARE HEAVY!"
63. Hank Williams Sr. on Sunday mornings.
64. Dad's chili and deer stew.
65. Jimmy shooting his finger with a BB gun.
66. Grandma's applesauce and jelly.
67. Dad's t-shirt at my wedding rehearsal..."Is that your final answer?"
68. Cedar point.
69. Having a big extended family and having Aunt Sharon and Aunt Twyla both telling me they were the coolest aunts.
70. Going to Aunt Twyla's and staying for a month or so.

Childhood Memories

Since my siblings have started recalling various memories from childhood, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and adding my own. It might help you if you read Jen's Blog and Jim's blog first.

I remember (in no particular order of relevance or importance):

1. Driving my Nissan Pulsar all around the construction area at the base of the hill.
2. Convincing Bob that he was from Mars.
3. NOT SPITTING IN THE SINK! but getting spanked for it anyway!
4. Going to Dad's office in Boston and making "stuff" in the electric skillet.
5. Jimmy's headgear.
6. Jason Tessiers car rolling down the hill and getting stuck between two trees.
7. "chopping broccoli....he was chopping broccoli"
8. BBL (belly button lint)
9. Dad hanging babies upside down - not so funny anymore though :)
10. The year we all got Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas - even Jim did! Not Bob...he was still on mars.
11. Dying my hair and having it match Abby....great!
12. Bob's businesses.
13. Sledding down hospital hill.
14. Jimmy learning to ride a bike and running into the poles.
15. Jimmy getting stitches.....again and again.
16. Jen's cat having its kittens in moms drawer.
17. Painting the rocks and bricks with water at Grandma Shepherd's house.
18. Family reunions at Clague park and being skinny for them.
19. Cuckoo clocks
20. Big hair and pegged jeans....we were COOL!
21. Mom making my dress for Jr./Sr. banquet.
22. Mom making most of my clothes.
23. Jen's Christmas jumper - I still laugh. Mine was cute...hers was....not cute.
24. Making meatloaf.....if you were there, you remember.
25. Leaf sledding on the cape.
26. Walking to the movies on base and paying 1.00 to get in to see Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.
27. Getting up really early on Christmas morning to open our stockings and check out the tree.
28. Coloring ALL DAY on Christmas.
29. Easter bowls. Hidden in the oddest places.
30. Mom taking the remote to work with her so we couldn't watch tv.
31. ISI company parties and being on our best behavior in front of mom's friends.
32. The Man Car.
33. The DORF
34. Playing laser tag in the basement in the duplex.
35. Visiting churches and deciding if they were "goober" churches, or not.
36. Being in Aunt Sharon's wedding.
37. Going on family vacation and getting stuck babysitting all the cousins so the parents could go out.
38. Dad acting retarded to embarrass me at the mall and Mall Security thinking he was drunk.
39. PFC Doofles
40. Jimmy pulling the fire alarm at that store.....and me doing the same thing in the base housing and not fessing up to it until I was 18.
41. Sitting on my curling iron....not a great memory, but funny now.

There will be more to come....

Friday, April 14, 2006

Josiah looks bald, but he is growing blonde hair! He loves to swing!

Here's Camden and Daddy with the Jack Bauer kite!

Something Spesull

A phrase we've been hearing a lot lately is, "I want to do something spesull!" Here are a few of the special things we've done recently. While they may seem mundane, they're not if you're only 2.

We went bowling...Camden bowled 1 game with bumpers and thought he won a championship! By the way, he's the only one that bowled. It was cheaper that way and tons more fun! Daddy helped him while Mommy and Josiah watched.

We flew a kite in the park...well, Joel flew a kite, I held Josiah and Camden ran around like a banshee yelling, "there's my kite high in the sky!!!!"

We went to us it's like a free zoo. Camden likes to watch the dogs in the groomer's area "getting a haircut." By the way, did you know they make doggie cologne? How dumb is that??

We ate out at Bob Evans. That same weekend I bought diapers that had the Lion King characters on them, and Camden saw about 10 minutes of the movie. Now his says he wears BIMBO diapers...I guess he didn't get that the name was SIMBA!!! While we were in Bob Evans he was coloring an animal color sheet and loudly asked, "Mom, Is that a BIMBO?" The ladies walking by would never have understood my explanation anyway, so I didn't bother.

I'll let you know of other SPESULL things we do. Tonight we are coloring Easter Eggs...should be an experience!


Well, it has been a while since I've posted. We've been getting little sleep (thanks to Josiah) so every extra moment has been filled with either a catnap or a race to get housework done. I have a few new Camdenisms for you all. Camden has had an ear infection (first one ear, now the other) for 3 weeks at least one of these has stemmed from that.

Mommy, I can't ____________ because I have an ear affection. (fill in the blank with whatever instruction you can possibly give a 2 year old.)

Mom, that! - referring to medicine....we're teaching him not to say that things taste yucky.

I'm going to fly my JACK BAUER kite high up in the sky!! - all superheroes are now named Jack Bauer. His kite (and bandaids) are Spiderman....but he refuses to call them that!

You're silly, Uncle Bob! - everyone is now uncle Bob...except Jack Bauer, of course.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Here's Camden "holding" his brother. Josiah seems to get immense joy out of sliding away from whomever is holding him at the moment.

Josiah will be six months old tomorrow. Camden is 2.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just living life

The past few days have been so busy. Between church, deacon's meetings, youth activities and other family events....we've been running and running and...well you get the point.

Tonight Camden and I went on a date! One of our teen girls was in a band concert at her school, so Camden and Mommy went to see her. Afterwards we went to McDonald's for an ice cream cone.

I'm going to upload some new pictures for all to see! Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Doing dishes

Camden is so much fun. He says and does the funniest things. Tonight he wanted to help me wash the dishes. Oh boy!
I pulled our step ladder up to the sink and gave him a dish cloth. Boy, did he go to town. At the end of it all, we were both soaked! The floor even got a bath from the water that was poured, dripped, spilled and splattered.
I'm glad he likes to help me (er...think he's helping me) and I hope that he continues to enjoy doing chores with me.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Log this as reason number 924 NOT to have a pet: bodily refuse. Yes, I've mentioned it before, it's a biggie to me.

Today we went to Livonia to visit Joel's Aunt Michal. Michal and her family have a dog. As we were walking outside, Camden stepped in Beauty's Bodily Refuse (heretofore referred to as BBR). Well, BBR stuck to the bottom of Camden's shoe. Camden's shoes have little ridges that make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to remove BBR from them. So, Aunt Michal used a butter knife to expertly remove as much BBR from the shoes as she could. YUCKY!!

I will be throwing those shoes in the washer tonight. Poor washer doesn't know what's coming!

Friday, March 10, 2006

A homecoming of sorts.

Earlier this week we took 7 teens on a college trip. We visited Northland first, then we headed to Maranatha. None of the teens had ever visited either college, so they were looking at things with a fresh perspective.

I am a Maranatha grad. I'm proud of that fact (I worked long and hard for my degree!!!) Maranatha has made some positive changes and some huge capital was good to see.

I've only lived two places as an adult....Watertown, Wisconsin and Michigan. Going back to Watertown was great. I have so many friends there...and I'm comfortable there. Watertown is where I met Joel, where I developed into who I truly am and where so many memories were made.

To Jen...I know you're eager to be done. I remember the feeling of departmental chapel and knowing I was almost finished!! Hang on to the next semester and a half. You'll never be at this place in your life again. I actually miss those days, though I wouldn't change life now for anything.

To've got a ways to go. Make the most of this time. Meet lots of people, create lots of memories and learn lots of lessons. I am excited for what I see God doing in you....don't become complacent and lose opportunities!

To anyone else who reads this: I am thankful for what God has allowed me to do. I am thankful for Maranatha and the changes in my life that occurred there. Visiting campus made me smile. It was almost like going home.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Living History

Today we drove to Perry, Michigan to watch the MACS State Basketball Championship. Two guys from our youth group were on the team from Faith Christian. Joel and I (along with the boys) have been to many games in the past 2 1/2 years. It has been fun to watch this team develop!

The Patriots from Faith Christian School in Clinton Township, Michigan have never been to a Boy's Championship for basketball. In fact, they've never even made it out of the first round of the tournament. Their goal was to get to the finals. They woke up this morning as contenders for a title, with one game left to play.

I have loved watching these guys play together. 3 of the starters are seniors and have finished their high school basketball careers. They've grown up together and will soon say goodbye to all they have known and branch out to what lies ahead. This morning they woke up as a basketball team, hoping to make history.

Tonight they will go to sleep as champions. Rest well, boys.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Friends

Matt and Rachael came over last night to hang out and play games. They brought Gavin...Emily and Jadon went to Grandma's.

Anyway, we spent the evening teaching them how to play the Settlers of Catan. It's a great game, but I could never explain it on a blog.
The point of this post is this...I love my friends. I know that we all have those that we just feel so comfortable around. The friends that you don't have to dress up to see, that have seen the dust on your TV, and are just fun! When we were in NH on vacation we spent an evening with Jeff, Val and Quinn. Another evening of comfortable - just being us - no presuppositions. I love those times. You sit around eating and no one cares how much or how little. You can speak your mind and they listen....and don't necessarily agree on the basis of friendship. A true friend will tell you when they disagree with you...for your friendship needs the dynamic of two different people..not puppets being pulled by a string.

God has seen fit to give Joel and I some great friends, for which I am thankful.

Friday, March 03, 2006

A few reasons...excuses....

Apparently I am in the minority when it comes to pet ownership. I have compiled a partial list of reasons (or as Jim declares, excuses) that Joel and I do not want a pet.

1. Hair - no matter how much you clean, vacuum, and dust....the hair is there.
2. Bodily refuse - I have two children. I don't need any more "stuff" to clean
up,scoop, disinfect and deoderize.
3. Cost - that's another mouth to feed and their food isn't cheap. Besides, it
4. Wet dog smell. Been there, done that.
5. I too grew up with Jim's pets. Don't want any of them. Don't have great
memories with them.
6. Vet bills aren't covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
7. Vacations - either take the animal with you or find someone dumb enough to care
for it for you. No thanks. Like the time mom had Abby groomed right before
vacation and they put dumb bows in her hair and painted her paws. DUMB!!!!!
8. I don't like animals. I cannot care for something that I do not like.

Just doesn't make sense

Recently there was a young couple murdered in their New Baltimore, Michigan home (20 minutes or so from us.) They seemed like a nice couple, according to all of their neighbors. The woman was 10 weeks pregnant.

The couple that killed them is being charged with the deaths of the couple AND THE UNBORN BABY! I am thrilled with that fact. However....abortion is still legal. This is a complete double standard. How can the state charge someone with murder and then turn around and call abortion a medical procedure???

Just a thought.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No thanks!

I don't have pets. I don't want pets. I don't care if my kids ever want pets, we're not getting one. I have multiple reasons for this, but the latest is this:

Reason # 847 (number chosen at random, of course)
Dogs can have digestive issues. One of our church families has a dog that has been having problems with his digestion. It makes a BIG BIG mess. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A nail biter...

Last night we drove to Springfield Christian Academy. This was the site for the MACS semi-final game between Faith Christian School and Bridgeport Baptist Academy. Faith has never made it past the first round of the tournament, so this was a pretty big deal. They were actually the number one seed, so they skipped right past that first round and defeated Springfield last Friday night for the rights to play Bridgeport.

I've been to nearly all of Faith's games. We have two guys from our youth group on the team and it's fun to watch them play. Last night was the closest game I have seen them play. I was a nervous wreck! Bridgeport was a great team and Faith squeaked out a four points.

This Saturday they will play for the state championship....a game they've never even been to in all of school history. I can't wait, and I'm already nervous for them.

Go get 'em, Patriots!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Remember the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!? Well, Alexander makes a statement in the book: There was kissing on TV and I HATE KISSING!!. Camden is NOT Alexander.

Today is Joel's day off. We were just hanging out with the boys when Camden said, "Daddy, kiss Mommy." Joel kissed me on the cheek. Then Camden said, "NO! Kiss Mommy on the wips!" And so Joel did. Then my ever so observant son said, "Now kiss inside your teeth!"

The perspective of a child is priceless!

Monday, February 27, 2006

My Miniature Bob

As most of you know, my brother Bob is the "moneyman." When I was in high school I would borrow money from him for various things...he was rich! Bob has always been good with money. He is a good saver, yet generous to give and meet a need!

I think Camden is a miniature Bob. He walks around the house looking for loose change (we keep ours in a jar) and is saving up for a train. If I remember correctly, Bob started with the loose change as well.

The other day Camden came to me with his hands full. His change wallet was in one hand, and his other hand was full of coins. He said, " Dis money won't fit in my wallet, so I fink I have to go to Toys R Us and buy a train."

Manipulative, yet so cute.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Temper, temper!

Well, it has been a long week as a parent. I've always been under the impression that if you are consistent then your kids will respond in a positive manner. Everything I read says be consistent. Everyone tells me, just be consistent. WE ARE TRYING TO BE CONSISTENT!!!!!!

It doesn't always work. Just ask anyone that was in the Toys R Us on Tuesday. They'll know.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stop, and let me tell you...

Yes, yes, I has been a while since my last post. Well, for all of you who frequently read my blog (both of you know who you are :) here you go....a post just for you.

Last week we were on vacation in New Hampshire. It took us 16 hours to drive there thanks to the blinding snow in New York. Yes, we were there for the Nor'easter that seems to have freaked out the entire midwest but not a single New-Englander. We enjoyed our visit out east, but there's nothing like your own bed!

On our way home we stopped in Niagra Falls, Ontario. Yes, the view is great from their side...and parking is 50% cheaper. It was 35 degrees so we bundled the kids into the stroller ( I love my new's a Schwinn SC906) and walked along the banks of the falls. It was beautiful. The mist was coming off of the falls and freezing to the railings, the trees, the bushes and the buildings. It was stunning! To me it seemed like everything was encased in glass....very cool indeed.

Joel is at the church right now preparing for a surprise celebration for Mrs. Wagner (our pastor's wife). We are honoring her for her years of behind the scenes service. The deacons have put it all together and have not even told pastor. Mrs. Wagner would have put a stop to it if she found out (she DOES NOT like the limelight....oops!) It will be fun to surprise her. It's an all-out affair with a sit down dinner and wedding-like decor.

Camden was singing a song today that he learned in Sunday School. You know it as, "Stop, and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me." He sang it with a different perspective: Stop, and let me catch you..... I had to laugh. He sounded so sweet and sincere!

Monday, February 06, 2006

You've gotta be kiddin me!!

Last night I saw the opening ceremonies for that hugely promoted football game that I can't say the name of because I don't work for ABC. What a farce!!! A moment of silence to remember Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks????? What do they have to do with football? They may have been influential people (or products of media stunts, but we don't have space for that here) but c'mon now! Either stay away from politically influenced statements, or give us both sides of the coin. I'm nearly certain they did not mention our soldiers serving all over the world because that would have indicated some support for them and our President.

Enough rambling. However....can someone tell me WHY Aretha Franklin is so wonderful? The woman is NOT a good singer and Aaron Neville is worse! Around here she is made out to be some dream singer.....ugh!! Their "duet" was an awful representation of our national anthem!

By the way, I was for the Seahawks last night. I don't have a good reason except that there was so much media hype for the Steelers this week. All of the editorialized news was about Jerome Bettis...blah, blah, blah. Sorry Zach and Uncle Greg! It seemed like the news media made a big push for the Steelers this I rooted for the Seahawks out of spite. They lost, and I felt bad...but it is still only a game. :)

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A ramble of my own

So it's been a few days since my last post. Camden was up most of Wednesday and Thursday nights running a fever. He does this every couple of months. Josiah had his four month checkup (four months, already??) on Friday, so I called ahead and they squeezed Camden in for an appointment as well.
They did a rapid strep which was negative, but I have to call tomorrow to get the lab results to be 100% positive that he's not carrying anything. Josiah is running a fever too, but I think his is from his shots.
At any rate, we (the boys and I) stayed home from church. They're acting fine, but I can't put kids in Sunday school and nursery if they are running a fever, besides, I don't want them to pass something on to other kids. We are, however, joining Joel and the teens at the Wipfs for our SuperSnac (to watch the big game that I can't say the name of because I don't have the rights to it but it's a SUPER game held in a big BOWL called Ford Field.) I called Matt and Rachael and they don't mind the sick kids at their house.
Tomorrow night we leave for drive through the night. We'll be there for a week. This is the first time Joel's been there in 2.5 years. It should be a ton of fun, as long as mom makes lasagna and Dad doesn't feed Camden too many M&M's (ha ha!).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Remember the saying, "Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink."? That's how I've been feeling lately. The city has been doing work on our pipes (ours as in the town) on random days for the past few months! IRRITATING!!!! I never know when they are going to work on them. Sometimes it's for 2-3 days at a time. Sometimes it's for an hour. I know when they are working...not by looking out my window but by looking at my water. It turns orangy-yellow and tastes disgusting. It cannot be used for anything except flushing the toilet (the water in there is already yucky, duh!)

Joel left for the office today and a few hours later I discovered the yucky water. Unable to shower, do laundry, wash dishes or even take a drink......I was frustrated. He called the water department for me because I was seething! Just notify me a day ahead of time...that's all I want. Oh yeah, they did that once.....then didn't show up. They said not to use the water from 8 am to midnight.....and didn't show up. IRRITATING!!!!

Our water is fine now. Josiah got his bath, I got to do dishes and wash clothes. There's a huge puddle at the end of our driveway that we'll have to content with once it freezes.....but at least we have water.

Just for Bob

This is just for Bob. Jen will understand as well. For the rest of you, just enjoy!

Barry, Barry bluebarry
Banana Fanna, Strawberry
Fe, Fi, Fo, lettuce

Monday, January 30, 2006

A little what????

This morning Camden was singing a song to Josiah:

I'm a little stink- pot short and stout
Here is my handle, here is my spout
When I get all warmed up, hear me shout
Tip me over and pour me out.

The other day I was talking to Jen on the phone and Camden was doing something (I don't remember what). I told him to stop. He looked at me and then licked his arm. I told him not to do that. Then he licked the other arm. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm being isgussting." I told him to STOP being disgusting. The next thing I knew he was licking his hands and both arms saying, "I'm isgussting, I'm isgussting!!!" It was all I could do not to laugh at my 100% boy.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Splendid, Indeed!

Camden's vocabulary never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday he told me that the blue engines are splendid. I do realize that he is repeating a phrase from one of his Thomas the Tank Engine videos, but still. It cracks me up!

The other day I told Camden that we were going to go to a basketball game. Then I told him that the game was at they gym with the big bird on the wall (the team is the Eagles, like MOST Christian schools). Camden quickly exclaimed, "it's not a bird, it's a big giant CHICKEN!"

This got me thinking. Camden thinks that eagles are chickens....and kids are very perceptive. Could it be that those schools with the eagle as their mascot are such? I'm not serious, of course, but it was worth a chuckle.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Here's some more for me to remember and you to enjoy!

Frizbeef: Frisbee
You're bilarious, hairlarias: hilarious
I washed me hands and me mouf! (with a cheesy grin)
Mommy, do you stand up to go potty too?
wok chock jayhawk kkkkkkkuuuuuuuuuu: Rock Chalk, Jayhawk. KKKKKKKKKKUUUUUUUUU (the Kansas Jayhawks...Joel's favorite basketball team)
Dipple appers: apple dippers

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Read, Pray and Sing

A while back I bought a Bible story book for us to read with Camden. After Christmas we started reading one story a night. After we read, we sing a song ( or two, or three) and pray.

It's been neat seeing Camden's interest take hold in this new routine. Now he won't go to bed without reading his Bible story book. We've also been able to teach him a few new songs. The problem is that now he thinks that each story should have it's own song. Tonight we read about David and Jonathan...and Camden wanted to sing the Jonathan song (anybody know one???). Tomorrow we'll read about Abigail....and no, I don't want to sing about Robby's dog.

Another neat thing....tonight we were in Meijer and Camden was singing along, in his own little world. He doesn't care that Christmas is over....he wants you to have:

A holly, jolly's the best time of the year.
I don't know if snow, snow snow so here's cup of cheer.
Oh oh the mistletoe hung where you can seeeeeeee
Somebody waits for you...glooooooooooooooria.
In egg shells sees dayooooooooooooooo.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's the little things...

I love being a mom. I love staying home and just being with my boys. Sometimes it does get a little smothering and I need a 30 minute escape to Walmart, but otherwise it's great!

Last night we popped popcorn in our air popper. While we've done this in the past, I don't know that Camden has ever watched. He was tickled (there's my mom again) when he saw the kernels go in and popcorn come out. As he shrieked with delight, my heart overflowed with happiness. For this mom, joy is found in just being with my kids. It was so fun to watch him experience something that would be mundane to the rest of the world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am my mother!

I find that I am growing more into my mother every day. I say things like she says them. I do things like she does them. When I was a teenager, I promised myself that I would NEVER (ever!!) do things like my mom. I think every teenaged girl does.

I get sheer joy out of going to Meijer (our grocery store). I like to go late at night, ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! I am my mother.

When I laugh at something, sometimes I cannot breathe and I end up poking the person next to me for no apparent reason (don't laugh do you). I am my mother.

Today I was getting in the shower and Camden was supposed to be taking a nap. I heard my mother's voice when I said, "Can't I just shower in peace????" Oh dear! Here we go again.

I wrinkle my nose when something doesn't sound pleasant or smell pleasant or just is not a good idea. So does my mom.

Next thing you know I will have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Thanks, mom!

Seriously, I don't mind being like my's funny how a few years and having kids changes that.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Gimme a Break!

ATTENTION ACLU!!!! I'm going to sponsor a breakfast and blood drive on President's day. Since all of our Presidents have been white, all of those who'd like to participate must pay a $55.00 fee if they are non-white/caucasian.

Does this sound a little crazy to you? Yep, I thought so. It would be wrong of me to charge a fee to non-whites just because they wanted to participate.

HOWEVER....there was an event today for MLK day and if I wanted to participate (it was a walk, breakfast and blood drive) I had to pay $55.00 because I'm not African-American. How is this right? If white people did the same thing it would be all over the papers.

Let's be consistent, America! Gimme a break!!!!!!

It's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but Camden's face was pretty swollen this weekend. He's doing much better now...his face is bruising quite a bit though.

He says his face still feels grumpy! But, who knows if that is just because I laughed when he said it the first time or if he's really still in a good deal of pain.

Our Great God

It's amazing to me how God guides our steps. He knows each part of every day. He knows every event and the outcomes of every trial.

Two trials that others are facing have kept me in prayer especially on their behalf. Take a moment and visit these websites.

The first is of Ed Horn. Ed was a student at Maranatha when I was. He's a few years older, but he was in one class with me that I remember. He has been battling cancer, and was diagnosed in October. In December he nearly died (was within a few moments of his wife authorizing them to "pull the plug" in accordance with his wishes) but has made a miraculous recovery so far. Read more at

The second is Julie Scroggins. She is a married student at Maranatha. She and Dave were married 5 months ago. Last Wednesday Julie was in an accident and was critically injured. If you have time, read the posts in reverse order to gain some idea of what she has gone through. Visit You'll need to create a login name and password to view Julie's carepage. The name of the carepage is JuliePScroggins. That must be entered exactly as written here (without the period...just her name.)

God directs and controls our lives. While I would never wish for a trial such as is neat to see how these two couples and their families are growing closer to God through the midst of some very difficult times. Please pray for Julie and for Ed. I know they'd appreciate it!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Occasionally I would like to post things that Camden (and eventually Josiah) says so that I can remember them. If I don't write them down, I know I will forget them!

Today Camden had some trouble talking. The right side of his face is very swollen from just under the eye to below his mouth. The upper part of the inside of his upper lip (read that again if you didn't get it) is like purple mush! I will try to post a photo in the next day or so. He is still very sore and I think a little embarrased because he knows it looks different. He is able to eat and brush his teeth, so that is a very good thing! When I asked him how his mouth felt this morning he said, "It feels GRUMPY!" I guess that's a good way for a 2 year old to describe pain. My poor little boy just looks miserable! Hopefully some ibuprophen will help the pain and swelling.

Camdenisms past and present (with translations if needed):

man-no: Snowman (winter 04-05)
No Fanks!
Ask, ask, ask, I'd like a ______ please!
I fink......
I like my play-tape (tape player)
Tikitikitembonosarrembocharibariruchipitperrypembo (he can actually say that...Joel can't!)
I want to snuggle wiff you.
Who's that, Camden? Mr. Wipf. And who's that? The other one (this is how he used to respond about Matt and Rachael.)
ABCDEFGHI Jadon Emily Go Pee QRSTUVWXYZ - Camden's alphabet at 24 months.

Oh, Jen....he gave me a sticker the other day and said, "Here Mommy, this one is for Jennifer." So...we'll work on getting some mail out to the aunt and uncles.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The inevitable

It happened today. It was bound to happen, but I couldn't plan for it or predict it. Yes, we took Camden to Urgent Care for his first accident/injury. We (the boys and I) were at our MAC group when the lights got turned off in the basement. Camden got scared and was trying to get to the stairs when he fell on something. He cut his lips pretty badly on the right side (the upper much worse than the lower) and one of his teeth was pushed up and back...not quite where it used to be. I wasn't so concerned with the is a baby tooth after all and we'll see our dentist tonight at a basketball game. The upper lip was pretty yucky. The cut was gaping and I decided to take him in.

The truth is, I was sure the cut would probably heal itself. Mouth wounds usually do. My main concern was cosmetic....I could just picture his future wife, what a gross lip you have!!!

Why is Urgent Care called urgent care when you have to wait an HOUR to see a doctor??? By the time we saw him the bleeding had stopped. He took one look with his pen light (without touching the lip or looking inside his mouth for more than a glance) and said...I think he'll be just fine.

That's okay with me. I didn't want him to have to have stitches. BUT....did I have to wait an hour for you to spend 1 minute (literally) in the room with me??

I can't wait to see that bill. A typical copay for urgent care is $50.00. At 1 minute per patient, the urgent care center is charging $3000.00 an hour. That's just wrong!

The good thing is that Camden is okay. His lip and mouth are sore, but popsicles help that:).

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Music affects us in many ways. Last week Camden was given an old tape player from his Aunt Tracy. We put it in his room so that he can listen to music and stories....that meant we had to dig out all of our cassettes (for you young ones, those are what we listened to before CD's were invented.) So Camden has been listening to some music as he plays and as he goes to bed.

There is one tape that I hadn't heard in a long time. On this tape is a song (not sure of the title) and some of the words are:

I never promised roses without thorns
And I never promised rainbows without storms!
But in the nighttime, when it seems that there would be no dawn,
I'll still linger on, waiting patiently for you to look up to Me.

This is a great song...I'll write out all of the lyrics some time. Anyway, I think that it is so neat that we learn the most when we are at our very least. God designed it that way!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rating Systems

Everything is rated by something. For instance, movies are rated by content, food is rated by taste and so on. I would like to introduce my rating system....for diapers.

Anyone who has ever parented knows about diapers! I am very thankful that I don't have to wash diapers by hand (or even machine!)...I can just throw them away.

This rating system has been in my head for a while now...and finally making its way to paper, er, blog.

Diaper Ratings:

1 wipe: Typical wet diaper, perhaps soaked, but not very messy.

2 wipes: Usually needed immediately after changing a 1 wiper, since babies are notorious for messing a fresh diaper. Also used for those "okay, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be" moments.

3 wipes: Borderlines on "you're just going to have to wait til your Dad comes home because this is very unpleasant."

4 wipes: Okay buster, how long did you hold it? I didn't know your little body could hold so much....stuff.

5 wipes: Give up. Get a warm washcloth and follow up with a bath!!!!!

Speaking of baths...we had an interesting experience the other night. Camden was in the tub, playing happily. I came to the computer to check email, etc....when I heard a shriek. Camden was yelling, "I want to get out RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" and the shriek was in response to shock and near terror.
Joel ran down the hall to the bathroom so I let him handle the crisis. As it turns out, Camden was squatting in the water, playing with the toys and bubbles when he had an accident. It wasn't a "hit his head on the spigot" or "slipped under the water" kind of accident. It was the kind of accident that happens when you don't go potty before you get in the tub and then you squat like he was. At any rate, he had company in the bath water and it wasn't his brother!!!

As I sat in the office laughing, I could hear Joel trying to deal with the situation. While he was quite disgusted, he handled it just fine. The look on his face when he saw what was in the tub was well....priceless. Parenting is a lot of fun...especially when the other parent has a "grossed out but can't show the kid my true emotions but I really don't want to do this" moment.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fish is brain food???

I have been doing some reading lately on healthier eating. Joel and I are trying to eat better quality foods, and less quantity foods!!

Something struck me a few years ago, and I keep hearing bits and pieces. Eat fish, get your Omega Fatty Acids (sounds dangerous to eat) and fish is brain food. Is it really? Do you remember final exams???

All I know is that when I was at Maranatha, we never ate fish when we stayed up to study. I never called for delivery and said, "oh yeah, I 'd like a side of sushi and baked haddock." It was always deep dish pizza, extra cheese and a bottle of coke! And no one in the dorm ever refused a slice a pizza by saying, "No thanks, my fish sticks are almost done in the microwave." Nope. Popcorn belongs in a microwave, pizza comes by delivery and omega fatty acids are available in capsule form at the health food store (which is a good thing since I don't really care for fish.) Now if only they made calorie free movie theater butter popcorn......

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Miracles from God

You know, I have always been pro-life. As a Christian I believe abortion is morally wrong. Since I became a mom, it has amazed me that abortion still goes on today. Here's why: about half-way through a pregnancy you start feeling the flutter. The baby is large enough for the mom to feel movement. It really is an amazing thing. Having carried two kids now, I cannot imagine terminating their sweet little lives. THEY ARE NOT BLOBS OF TISSUE!!!!!

A couple from Maranatha (actually, SC now) had a preemie that was several months early.....WAY before the abortion deadline. Isabelle is now home after spending much time in the hospital. She didn't come out as a blob and develop into a person once she started breathing air. You can read more about her journey at

One of our teens became an uncle this a neice who was four weeks early. She's beautiful and doing well. She'll come home from the hospital as soon as next week.

Nate and Kristin's twins, Sam and Gabe, are one month old today. They are healthy babies, completely formed by a miracle of God.

My kids are 2 years old and 3 months old. Both are miracles.

Anything can go "wrong" in a pregnancy and delivery. The very fact that children are created in the way they are is a miracle. Yet there are some out there that don't see the fact that life begins at conception. Life begins and a baby develops. All you have to do is look at an ultrasound photo, feel the flutter, or gaze into the eyes of a preemie. I've never heard anyone say...what a well formed blob you have.

Abortion takes a life...not tissue. I just wish the whole world could see that.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Postage rate hike and Alumni Attitude

As you are probably well aware, the USPS is changing their rates as of January 8th. You should see my desk right now. It is full of stamped mail. Nothing like saving money to get me motivated to send photos to my parents and grandparents, write thank you notes and catch up on correspondence. So I have 8 items to mail and none of them is a bill....not that I don't have bills!!

We went to an alumni basketball game tonight. I wasn't sure who to root for, since I know guys on both the current varsity team and the alumni team. I was sitting in the bleachers, behind the alumni bench when I made my decision. The varsity team was really working hard, trying their best to treat this as a real game. There was a little nonsense, as you'd expect. But every time there was a bad call or no call or someone didn't get their way, guess who complained? Yep, the alumni. They sat on the bench complaining about the ref, the way the varsity team was playing, and even the way things were when THEY played varsity ball. C'mon guys, grow up! There was one guy who kept pointing out the fact that the coach didn't play him much in school. At one point, he actually made a basket (that in itself was a shock) and he looked at his former coach and said, "you should have played me." I guess he might be bitter???

At any rate, I rooted for the Varsity team and they ended up winning. As they were shaking hands with their attitudeopponents, the bitter boy made a comment (unheard by me) to the coach's son (not good, going by the look on his face) and muttered something else under his breath. Too bad. He probably could have a good influence on the younger crowd if he tried.

Well, now that I have rambled and bored you, keep in mind one thing. Football season is nearly over, and that makes a bunch of us happy!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Good aimin' boys!

Every mother goes through this...I just keep telling myself that. We are potty training Camden and well, some days are better than others.

Camden was helping me load the washing machine this evening. When we were done, I gave him a piggy back ride to the office....a whole 25 feet. When I got to the office, I noticed my back was wet...yep, his underwear had leaked all over me!

To make things better, Josiah peed all over me when I was giving him his bath tonight. He is just starting to laugh at us, but I am certain I heard him giggle. Maybe Camden can train his little brother someday!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jim and Angel

Jim and Angel came to see us before Christmas. Here they are playing with the boys.

Only two

We had a youth activity today at a family's home about 30 minutes from our church. Joel played Capture the Flag outside with the teens and I stayed inside with Josiah. Camden went out for a little while and came inside once he completely covered himself with mud, pumpkin and squash gunk, and water.....lots of water. He was so excited to be so completely dirty. It's fun to watch him grow into a little boy. Each day he discovers something new and exciting. After all, he is only two.

About 6 or 7 weeks ago I took the boys with me to a doctor's appointment. Josiah was asleep in his car seat and I was reading a magazine while we waited. Camden was seated next to me "reading" a book. There were several other people in the waiting room, but it was pretty quiet. Then out of the blue Camden said, "see my booger????!!!!!!!" When I looked at my son, I found that he was holding his finger high in the air, green yuck stuck to the end. As the waiting room filled with chuckles, I tried not to turn too red. After all, he is only two.

As I dug through the diaper bag for the wipes, I sensed movement next to me. By the time I turned back to Camden, he'd successfully flung the booger off of his finger.....and admittedly I didn't look too hard to find it. After all, he is only two. :)

Jen...I ran today in public. It was in the church parking lot, in my jeans after the activity...but I thought of you with each step. Then my thighs caught on fire and I had to roll in the snow to extinguish the blaze. I won' t be doing that again any time soon. After all, I'm not two anymore.