Saturday, January 14, 2006


Occasionally I would like to post things that Camden (and eventually Josiah) says so that I can remember them. If I don't write them down, I know I will forget them!

Today Camden had some trouble talking. The right side of his face is very swollen from just under the eye to below his mouth. The upper part of the inside of his upper lip (read that again if you didn't get it) is like purple mush! I will try to post a photo in the next day or so. He is still very sore and I think a little embarrased because he knows it looks different. He is able to eat and brush his teeth, so that is a very good thing! When I asked him how his mouth felt this morning he said, "It feels GRUMPY!" I guess that's a good way for a 2 year old to describe pain. My poor little boy just looks miserable! Hopefully some ibuprophen will help the pain and swelling.

Camdenisms past and present (with translations if needed):

man-no: Snowman (winter 04-05)
No Fanks!
Ask, ask, ask, I'd like a ______ please!
I fink......
I like my play-tape (tape player)
Tikitikitembonosarrembocharibariruchipitperrypembo (he can actually say that...Joel can't!)
I want to snuggle wiff you.
Who's that, Camden? Mr. Wipf. And who's that? The other one (this is how he used to respond about Matt and Rachael.)
ABCDEFGHI Jadon Emily Go Pee QRSTUVWXYZ - Camden's alphabet at 24 months.

Oh, Jen....he gave me a sticker the other day and said, "Here Mommy, this one is for Jennifer." So...we'll work on getting some mail out to the aunt and uncles.

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