Monday, January 09, 2006

Fish is brain food???

I have been doing some reading lately on healthier eating. Joel and I are trying to eat better quality foods, and less quantity foods!!

Something struck me a few years ago, and I keep hearing bits and pieces. Eat fish, get your Omega Fatty Acids (sounds dangerous to eat) and fish is brain food. Is it really? Do you remember final exams???

All I know is that when I was at Maranatha, we never ate fish when we stayed up to study. I never called for delivery and said, "oh yeah, I 'd like a side of sushi and baked haddock." It was always deep dish pizza, extra cheese and a bottle of coke! And no one in the dorm ever refused a slice a pizza by saying, "No thanks, my fish sticks are almost done in the microwave." Nope. Popcorn belongs in a microwave, pizza comes by delivery and omega fatty acids are available in capsule form at the health food store (which is a good thing since I don't really care for fish.) Now if only they made calorie free movie theater butter popcorn......


Val said...

Yes, I've heard that of fish as well. I don't think they are referring to the frozen, breaded variety though!

Jennifer said...

yes, your smart sister says that you are correct. they are omega-3 fatty acids. you can find them in cashews (like i do). they are very good for you and the reason they call it brain food is because it helps myelinate the fibers on the body (there are lots of myelinated fibers in the brain). myelin helps the fibers to synapse faster...hence, when you are thinking, it will come in handy if all of the neccessary fibers are myelinated:) did you follow that?