Friday, January 13, 2006

The inevitable

It happened today. It was bound to happen, but I couldn't plan for it or predict it. Yes, we took Camden to Urgent Care for his first accident/injury. We (the boys and I) were at our MAC group when the lights got turned off in the basement. Camden got scared and was trying to get to the stairs when he fell on something. He cut his lips pretty badly on the right side (the upper much worse than the lower) and one of his teeth was pushed up and back...not quite where it used to be. I wasn't so concerned with the is a baby tooth after all and we'll see our dentist tonight at a basketball game. The upper lip was pretty yucky. The cut was gaping and I decided to take him in.

The truth is, I was sure the cut would probably heal itself. Mouth wounds usually do. My main concern was cosmetic....I could just picture his future wife, what a gross lip you have!!!

Why is Urgent Care called urgent care when you have to wait an HOUR to see a doctor??? By the time we saw him the bleeding had stopped. He took one look with his pen light (without touching the lip or looking inside his mouth for more than a glance) and said...I think he'll be just fine.

That's okay with me. I didn't want him to have to have stitches. BUT....did I have to wait an hour for you to spend 1 minute (literally) in the room with me??

I can't wait to see that bill. A typical copay for urgent care is $50.00. At 1 minute per patient, the urgent care center is charging $3000.00 an hour. That's just wrong!

The good thing is that Camden is okay. His lip and mouth are sore, but popsicles help that:).

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Jennifer said...

oh no! i guess that is why you tried calling me, but i couldnt answer because i was in the welcome center. i will pray for him to be okay! i am sure his lip will heal just fine - besides...if he marries someone THAT shallow we are going to have a bigger problem on our hands than worrying about his lip!
give him a hug from me!
love ya!