Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Great God

It's amazing to me how God guides our steps. He knows each part of every day. He knows every event and the outcomes of every trial.

Two trials that others are facing have kept me in prayer especially on their behalf. Take a moment and visit these websites.

The first is of Ed Horn. Ed was a student at Maranatha when I was. He's a few years older, but he was in one class with me that I remember. He has been battling cancer, and was diagnosed in October. In December he nearly died (was within a few moments of his wife authorizing them to "pull the plug" in accordance with his wishes) but has made a miraculous recovery so far. Read more at

The second is Julie Scroggins. She is a married student at Maranatha. She and Dave were married 5 months ago. Last Wednesday Julie was in an accident and was critically injured. If you have time, read the posts in reverse order to gain some idea of what she has gone through. Visit You'll need to create a login name and password to view Julie's carepage. The name of the carepage is JuliePScroggins. That must be entered exactly as written here (without the period...just her name.)

God directs and controls our lives. While I would never wish for a trial such as is neat to see how these two couples and their families are growing closer to God through the midst of some very difficult times. Please pray for Julie and for Ed. I know they'd appreciate it!

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