Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Postage rate hike and Alumni Attitude

As you are probably well aware, the USPS is changing their rates as of January 8th. You should see my desk right now. It is full of stamped mail. Nothing like saving money to get me motivated to send photos to my parents and grandparents, write thank you notes and catch up on correspondence. So I have 8 items to mail and none of them is a bill....not that I don't have bills!!

We went to an alumni basketball game tonight. I wasn't sure who to root for, since I know guys on both the current varsity team and the alumni team. I was sitting in the bleachers, behind the alumni bench when I made my decision. The varsity team was really working hard, trying their best to treat this as a real game. There was a little nonsense, as you'd expect. But every time there was a bad call or no call or someone didn't get their way, guess who complained? Yep, the alumni. They sat on the bench complaining about the ref, the way the varsity team was playing, and even the way things were when THEY played varsity ball. C'mon guys, grow up! There was one guy who kept pointing out the fact that the coach didn't play him much in school. At one point, he actually made a basket (that in itself was a shock) and he looked at his former coach and said, "you should have played me." I guess he might be bitter???

At any rate, I rooted for the Varsity team and they ended up winning. As they were shaking hands with their attitudeopponents, the bitter boy made a comment (unheard by me) to the coach's son (not good, going by the look on his face) and muttered something else under his breath. Too bad. He probably could have a good influence on the younger crowd if he tried.

Well, now that I have rambled and bored you, keep in mind one thing. Football season is nearly over, and that makes a bunch of us happy!

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