Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rating Systems

Everything is rated by something. For instance, movies are rated by content, food is rated by taste and so on. I would like to introduce my rating system....for diapers.

Anyone who has ever parented knows about diapers! I am very thankful that I don't have to wash diapers by hand (or even machine!)...I can just throw them away.

This rating system has been in my head for a while now...and finally making its way to paper, er, blog.

Diaper Ratings:

1 wipe: Typical wet diaper, perhaps soaked, but not very messy.

2 wipes: Usually needed immediately after changing a 1 wiper, since babies are notorious for messing a fresh diaper. Also used for those "okay, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be" moments.

3 wipes: Borderlines on "you're just going to have to wait til your Dad comes home because this is very unpleasant."

4 wipes: Okay buster, how long did you hold it? I didn't know your little body could hold so much....stuff.

5 wipes: Give up. Get a warm washcloth and follow up with a bath!!!!!

Speaking of baths...we had an interesting experience the other night. Camden was in the tub, playing happily. I came to the computer to check email, etc....when I heard a shriek. Camden was yelling, "I want to get out RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" and the shriek was in response to shock and near terror.
Joel ran down the hall to the bathroom so I let him handle the crisis. As it turns out, Camden was squatting in the water, playing with the toys and bubbles when he had an accident. It wasn't a "hit his head on the spigot" or "slipped under the water" kind of accident. It was the kind of accident that happens when you don't go potty before you get in the tub and then you squat like he was. At any rate, he had company in the bath water and it wasn't his brother!!!

As I sat in the office laughing, I could hear Joel trying to deal with the situation. While he was quite disgusted, he handled it just fine. The look on his face when he saw what was in the tub was well....priceless. Parenting is a lot of fun...especially when the other parent has a "grossed out but can't show the kid my true emotions but I really don't want to do this" moment.


Anonymous said...

Ask Uncle Russell about a similiar story...

Jennifer said...

Dawn, i definitly love the diaper rating system! HA! you know how the wipes tend to stick together? i am one of those people who separates the wipes before i open the diaper that way i can grab them faster...dont want any of that nastiness getting on me!