Saturday, January 21, 2006

Read, Pray and Sing

A while back I bought a Bible story book for us to read with Camden. After Christmas we started reading one story a night. After we read, we sing a song ( or two, or three) and pray.

It's been neat seeing Camden's interest take hold in this new routine. Now he won't go to bed without reading his Bible story book. We've also been able to teach him a few new songs. The problem is that now he thinks that each story should have it's own song. Tonight we read about David and Jonathan...and Camden wanted to sing the Jonathan song (anybody know one???). Tomorrow we'll read about Abigail....and no, I don't want to sing about Robby's dog.

Another neat thing....tonight we were in Meijer and Camden was singing along, in his own little world. He doesn't care that Christmas is over....he wants you to have:

A holly, jolly's the best time of the year.
I don't know if snow, snow snow so here's cup of cheer.
Oh oh the mistletoe hung where you can seeeeeeee
Somebody waits for you...glooooooooooooooria.
In egg shells sees dayooooooooooooooo.


mom said...

uncle robbie probably has a song somewhere in his memory ya

Jennifer said...

hahaha! i love it! here is a song about abby...
"abigail, i love you -
and i know you lo-ove me...
and when your
not always with me, i think of you oo oo."
no joke, bob and i sing it.
love ya tons!

Dawn said...

That's so ridiculous!

val said...

Quinn sang No, Not one all throughout Wal-mart a couple weeks ago. It's not embarassing until she makes me sing along!!!!

Jennifer said...

no, it's not rediculous. bob wrote it out of love when abby was a puppy!