Sunday, February 05, 2006

A ramble of my own

So it's been a few days since my last post. Camden was up most of Wednesday and Thursday nights running a fever. He does this every couple of months. Josiah had his four month checkup (four months, already??) on Friday, so I called ahead and they squeezed Camden in for an appointment as well.
They did a rapid strep which was negative, but I have to call tomorrow to get the lab results to be 100% positive that he's not carrying anything. Josiah is running a fever too, but I think his is from his shots.
At any rate, we (the boys and I) stayed home from church. They're acting fine, but I can't put kids in Sunday school and nursery if they are running a fever, besides, I don't want them to pass something on to other kids. We are, however, joining Joel and the teens at the Wipfs for our SuperSnac (to watch the big game that I can't say the name of because I don't have the rights to it but it's a SUPER game held in a big BOWL called Ford Field.) I called Matt and Rachael and they don't mind the sick kids at their house.
Tomorrow night we leave for drive through the night. We'll be there for a week. This is the first time Joel's been there in 2.5 years. It should be a ton of fun, as long as mom makes lasagna and Dad doesn't feed Camden too many M&M's (ha ha!).


Jim and Angel said...

Have a safe trip

Dawn said...

Thanks Mij!