Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stop, and let me tell you...

Yes, yes, I has been a while since my last post. Well, for all of you who frequently read my blog (both of you know who you are :) here you go....a post just for you.

Last week we were on vacation in New Hampshire. It took us 16 hours to drive there thanks to the blinding snow in New York. Yes, we were there for the Nor'easter that seems to have freaked out the entire midwest but not a single New-Englander. We enjoyed our visit out east, but there's nothing like your own bed!

On our way home we stopped in Niagra Falls, Ontario. Yes, the view is great from their side...and parking is 50% cheaper. It was 35 degrees so we bundled the kids into the stroller ( I love my new's a Schwinn SC906) and walked along the banks of the falls. It was beautiful. The mist was coming off of the falls and freezing to the railings, the trees, the bushes and the buildings. It was stunning! To me it seemed like everything was encased in glass....very cool indeed.

Joel is at the church right now preparing for a surprise celebration for Mrs. Wagner (our pastor's wife). We are honoring her for her years of behind the scenes service. The deacons have put it all together and have not even told pastor. Mrs. Wagner would have put a stop to it if she found out (she DOES NOT like the limelight....oops!) It will be fun to surprise her. It's an all-out affair with a sit down dinner and wedding-like decor.

Camden was singing a song today that he learned in Sunday School. You know it as, "Stop, and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me." He sang it with a different perspective: Stop, and let me catch you..... I had to laugh. He sounded so sweet and sincere!


Katiebug said...

Just wanted to say hi!! Glad you had a good trip and I miss you tons!!

Jennifer said...

congrats on your updated post! camden sure is cute...i cant wait until josiah's chatter is understandable - between the two of them my abs should be so tone from laughing!