Monday, February 06, 2006

You've gotta be kiddin me!!

Last night I saw the opening ceremonies for that hugely promoted football game that I can't say the name of because I don't work for ABC. What a farce!!! A moment of silence to remember Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks????? What do they have to do with football? They may have been influential people (or products of media stunts, but we don't have space for that here) but c'mon now! Either stay away from politically influenced statements, or give us both sides of the coin. I'm nearly certain they did not mention our soldiers serving all over the world because that would have indicated some support for them and our President.

Enough rambling. However....can someone tell me WHY Aretha Franklin is so wonderful? The woman is NOT a good singer and Aaron Neville is worse! Around here she is made out to be some dream singer.....ugh!! Their "duet" was an awful representation of our national anthem!

By the way, I was for the Seahawks last night. I don't have a good reason except that there was so much media hype for the Steelers this week. All of the editorialized news was about Jerome Bettis...blah, blah, blah. Sorry Zach and Uncle Greg! It seemed like the news media made a big push for the Steelers this I rooted for the Seahawks out of spite. They lost, and I felt bad...but it is still only a game. :)

Happy Monday everyone!


Jennifer said...

so wait, i cant say "superbowl" unless i work for abc? what is all that about?

Zach said...

I can't believe you would root against the STEELERS! I agree the media hype was pathetic! All I can say is be glad you don't live in Pittsburgh if you thought the media was bad. To show you how crazy Pittsburgh is...over 30,000 people show up for a pep rally, over 60,000 for the parade today, and the public schools all had a 2 hour delay on Monday! The Steelers being in the Super Bowl created a large boost to the economy here...I can't imagine what winning will do. I guess we'll have to wait and see. All I can say is regardless of all the Hype -There are NO FANS like STEELERS FANS!!!