Friday, March 03, 2006

A few reasons...excuses....

Apparently I am in the minority when it comes to pet ownership. I have compiled a partial list of reasons (or as Jim declares, excuses) that Joel and I do not want a pet.

1. Hair - no matter how much you clean, vacuum, and dust....the hair is there.
2. Bodily refuse - I have two children. I don't need any more "stuff" to clean
up,scoop, disinfect and deoderize.
3. Cost - that's another mouth to feed and their food isn't cheap. Besides, it
4. Wet dog smell. Been there, done that.
5. I too grew up with Jim's pets. Don't want any of them. Don't have great
memories with them.
6. Vet bills aren't covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
7. Vacations - either take the animal with you or find someone dumb enough to care
for it for you. No thanks. Like the time mom had Abby groomed right before
vacation and they put dumb bows in her hair and painted her paws. DUMB!!!!!
8. I don't like animals. I cannot care for something that I do not like.


Zach said...

Dawn - You crack me up!
Don't get too worked up over this though cause Blue Cross also doesn't like people with High Blood Pressure :)

Jennifer said...

the comment you made about pet-sitters being dumb. that was low...real low. do you realize i begin my next house-sitting adventure tomorrow. i appreciate your support.

Dawn said...

Jen....YOU are not dumb. I meant someone willing to subject themselves to the grueling rigors of pet-sitting....and some of those people are dumb for doing so.

val said...

Those are excellent reasons to not have a pet. Can someone remind me why I have one??