Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Friends

Matt and Rachael came over last night to hang out and play games. They brought Gavin...Emily and Jadon went to Grandma's.

Anyway, we spent the evening teaching them how to play the Settlers of Catan. It's a great game, but I could never explain it on a blog.
The point of this post is this...I love my friends. I know that we all have those that we just feel so comfortable around. The friends that you don't have to dress up to see, that have seen the dust on your TV, and are just fun! When we were in NH on vacation we spent an evening with Jeff, Val and Quinn. Another evening of comfortable - just being us - no presuppositions. I love those times. You sit around eating and no one cares how much or how little. You can speak your mind and they listen....and don't necessarily agree on the basis of friendship. A true friend will tell you when they disagree with you...for your friendship needs the dynamic of two different people..not puppets being pulled by a string.

God has seen fit to give Joel and I some great friends, for which I am thankful.


val said...

I agree. I sure do wish my friends lived a little closer though!

Zach said...

I agree! we've got some great friend as well that we play games with almost every Friday night. It's great to get together with friends and be able to relax and have fun. As for SETTLERS OF CATAN Maybe we'll have to adjust our travel plans for this summer to make time when we stop at your place to play. That's one game we've played but haven't bought yet.