Friday, March 10, 2006

A homecoming of sorts.

Earlier this week we took 7 teens on a college trip. We visited Northland first, then we headed to Maranatha. None of the teens had ever visited either college, so they were looking at things with a fresh perspective.

I am a Maranatha grad. I'm proud of that fact (I worked long and hard for my degree!!!) Maranatha has made some positive changes and some huge capital was good to see.

I've only lived two places as an adult....Watertown, Wisconsin and Michigan. Going back to Watertown was great. I have so many friends there...and I'm comfortable there. Watertown is where I met Joel, where I developed into who I truly am and where so many memories were made.

To Jen...I know you're eager to be done. I remember the feeling of departmental chapel and knowing I was almost finished!! Hang on to the next semester and a half. You'll never be at this place in your life again. I actually miss those days, though I wouldn't change life now for anything.

To've got a ways to go. Make the most of this time. Meet lots of people, create lots of memories and learn lots of lessons. I am excited for what I see God doing in you....don't become complacent and lose opportunities!

To anyone else who reads this: I am thankful for what God has allowed me to do. I am thankful for Maranatha and the changes in my life that occurred there. Visiting campus made me smile. It was almost like going home.

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