Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A nail biter...

Last night we drove to Springfield Christian Academy. This was the site for the MACS semi-final game between Faith Christian School and Bridgeport Baptist Academy. Faith has never made it past the first round of the tournament, so this was a pretty big deal. They were actually the number one seed, so they skipped right past that first round and defeated Springfield last Friday night for the rights to play Bridgeport.

I've been to nearly all of Faith's games. We have two guys from our youth group on the team and it's fun to watch them play. Last night was the closest game I have seen them play. I was a nervous wreck! Bridgeport was a great team and Faith squeaked out a four points.

This Saturday they will play for the state championship....a game they've never even been to in all of school history. I can't wait, and I'm already nervous for them.

Go get 'em, Patriots!

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