Thursday, March 02, 2006

No thanks!

I don't have pets. I don't want pets. I don't care if my kids ever want pets, we're not getting one. I have multiple reasons for this, but the latest is this:

Reason # 847 (number chosen at random, of course)
Dogs can have digestive issues. One of our church families has a dog that has been having problems with his digestion. It makes a BIG BIG mess. 'Nuff said.


Jim and Angel said...

Dawn, thats not a reason, its an excuse. Think(i'm so stupid, i put 2 spaces) about Bob and his hampster, letting it sit on the heater trying to warm it up. There are so many types of pets you can have. A goldfish is a great start(Hmmm, sounds like its time for uncle Jim to get him something good for his Birthday.)

How is his train money coming? I saw something for him in my office the other day. It was Grandpas Conrail Clock, do you think Camden might like it?

Jennifer said...

jimmy is right. think about the memories you are depriving your children by not letting them have pets. like the time the hampsters got loose in the basement on winter street, or dad putting the cats in trash bags, or...

Dawn said...

Jim, Camden would love the clock.

We'll make memories some other way, like going to Uncle Jim's or Aunt Jen's and torturing their animals.

Love you!

Zach said...

Here's a good one -
My bro-in-law felt bad for a kitty cause it was really hot out one summer day. So he decided he would help it cool down some by puting it in for freezer. A couple hours later when the family got back from town my bro-in-law ran in the house rather quickly (he forgot to take the cat out before they left). The cat was able to be revived, but didn't live too long. The cat was then appropriately
re-named "Popsicle".

I agree with everyone else on here.....think of the memories! Think of the FUN Camden could have and all the other childlike questions he will then begin to ask you :).