Saturday, April 29, 2006

So it's been a while...

Wow, my last post was a while ago! We left on Easter Sunday and drove to Maranatha for a grad module. The boys and I tagged along while Joel went to get smarter. :)

We stayed with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave...what a blessing to do! We were right on campus with easy access to everything we needed. We were able to spend some good time with Jen, Bob and Matt (and Katie, Davis, Aunt Kathy, Uncle get the idea.)

We drove home on Friday (the 21st) and then headed to Davison the next morning for the Great Lakes Youth Conference. The boys stayed with Tracy and I went back and forth from the church to the house.

Our week barely got started on Sunday before it came to a crashing halt. I left church with what I thought was the stomach flu. After several days and 10 pounds I found out it was either food poisoning or a bacterial infection. Regardless, I started an antibiotic on Thursday and today was able to eat normal food (NO SALTINES!!).

I have lots of funny moments to blog and will being doing just that, but I wanted to update my 3 faithful readers to let you know where I've been.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Memories

42. Wearing Dad's leather Army jacket.
43. Trying on mom's nylons.
44. The waterbed was ALWAYS warm.
45. Jimmy cutting our clothes in Grandma's basement when we were on vacation.
46. Coming home for spring break during college and surprising Mom at 2:00a.m. - THEN going to Bob's room and trying to wake him up....only to find out that Jamie Trudel was sleeping in Bob's bed and Bob was on the floor. OOPS! Sorry Jamie.
47. Being a cheerleader. It used to be cool.
48. Summer Camp at Northland and Dad sneaking me chocolate in my cabin.
49. Driving away from the gas pumps after camp and not paying (accidentally)....we DID go back and pay.
50. Thinking that "car phones" were sooooo awesome.
51. Learning to drive.
52. Mom made the best birthday cakes.
53. Rushing home from church to watch "America's funniest Home videos"
54. Dad swallowing goldfish during VBS.
55. Getting ice cream cones after piano lessons and sticking the papers from the cones to our heads.
56. Dad shaving his arm....for John-boy...and still telling the story!!
57. Going on vacation and trying to be good so Dad would stop someplace with a pool.
58. The first microwave we ever had (in Germany) and my food becoming petrified and preserved forever.
59. FREE RIDES!!!!
60. Mom's lasagna....I'll say it again.....Mom's lasagna.
61. Plastic man...ask Jim.
62. Robby stomping up the stairs and mom telling him to stop stomping. Then he replied, "I'm NOT...MY FEET ARE HEAVY!"
63. Hank Williams Sr. on Sunday mornings.
64. Dad's chili and deer stew.
65. Jimmy shooting his finger with a BB gun.
66. Grandma's applesauce and jelly.
67. Dad's t-shirt at my wedding rehearsal..."Is that your final answer?"
68. Cedar point.
69. Having a big extended family and having Aunt Sharon and Aunt Twyla both telling me they were the coolest aunts.
70. Going to Aunt Twyla's and staying for a month or so.

Childhood Memories

Since my siblings have started recalling various memories from childhood, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and adding my own. It might help you if you read Jen's Blog and Jim's blog first.

I remember (in no particular order of relevance or importance):

1. Driving my Nissan Pulsar all around the construction area at the base of the hill.
2. Convincing Bob that he was from Mars.
3. NOT SPITTING IN THE SINK! but getting spanked for it anyway!
4. Going to Dad's office in Boston and making "stuff" in the electric skillet.
5. Jimmy's headgear.
6. Jason Tessiers car rolling down the hill and getting stuck between two trees.
7. "chopping broccoli....he was chopping broccoli"
8. BBL (belly button lint)
9. Dad hanging babies upside down - not so funny anymore though :)
10. The year we all got Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas - even Jim did! Not Bob...he was still on mars.
11. Dying my hair and having it match Abby....great!
12. Bob's businesses.
13. Sledding down hospital hill.
14. Jimmy learning to ride a bike and running into the poles.
15. Jimmy getting stitches.....again and again.
16. Jen's cat having its kittens in moms drawer.
17. Painting the rocks and bricks with water at Grandma Shepherd's house.
18. Family reunions at Clague park and being skinny for them.
19. Cuckoo clocks
20. Big hair and pegged jeans....we were COOL!
21. Mom making my dress for Jr./Sr. banquet.
22. Mom making most of my clothes.
23. Jen's Christmas jumper - I still laugh. Mine was cute...hers was....not cute.
24. Making meatloaf.....if you were there, you remember.
25. Leaf sledding on the cape.
26. Walking to the movies on base and paying 1.00 to get in to see Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.
27. Getting up really early on Christmas morning to open our stockings and check out the tree.
28. Coloring ALL DAY on Christmas.
29. Easter bowls. Hidden in the oddest places.
30. Mom taking the remote to work with her so we couldn't watch tv.
31. ISI company parties and being on our best behavior in front of mom's friends.
32. The Man Car.
33. The DORF
34. Playing laser tag in the basement in the duplex.
35. Visiting churches and deciding if they were "goober" churches, or not.
36. Being in Aunt Sharon's wedding.
37. Going on family vacation and getting stuck babysitting all the cousins so the parents could go out.
38. Dad acting retarded to embarrass me at the mall and Mall Security thinking he was drunk.
39. PFC Doofles
40. Jimmy pulling the fire alarm at that store.....and me doing the same thing in the base housing and not fessing up to it until I was 18.
41. Sitting on my curling iron....not a great memory, but funny now.

There will be more to come....

Friday, April 14, 2006

Josiah looks bald, but he is growing blonde hair! He loves to swing!

Here's Camden and Daddy with the Jack Bauer kite!

Something Spesull

A phrase we've been hearing a lot lately is, "I want to do something spesull!" Here are a few of the special things we've done recently. While they may seem mundane, they're not if you're only 2.

We went bowling...Camden bowled 1 game with bumpers and thought he won a championship! By the way, he's the only one that bowled. It was cheaper that way and tons more fun! Daddy helped him while Mommy and Josiah watched.

We flew a kite in the park...well, Joel flew a kite, I held Josiah and Camden ran around like a banshee yelling, "there's my kite high in the sky!!!!"

We went to us it's like a free zoo. Camden likes to watch the dogs in the groomer's area "getting a haircut." By the way, did you know they make doggie cologne? How dumb is that??

We ate out at Bob Evans. That same weekend I bought diapers that had the Lion King characters on them, and Camden saw about 10 minutes of the movie. Now his says he wears BIMBO diapers...I guess he didn't get that the name was SIMBA!!! While we were in Bob Evans he was coloring an animal color sheet and loudly asked, "Mom, Is that a BIMBO?" The ladies walking by would never have understood my explanation anyway, so I didn't bother.

I'll let you know of other SPESULL things we do. Tonight we are coloring Easter Eggs...should be an experience!


Well, it has been a while since I've posted. We've been getting little sleep (thanks to Josiah) so every extra moment has been filled with either a catnap or a race to get housework done. I have a few new Camdenisms for you all. Camden has had an ear infection (first one ear, now the other) for 3 weeks at least one of these has stemmed from that.

Mommy, I can't ____________ because I have an ear affection. (fill in the blank with whatever instruction you can possibly give a 2 year old.)

Mom, that! - referring to medicine....we're teaching him not to say that things taste yucky.

I'm going to fly my JACK BAUER kite high up in the sky!! - all superheroes are now named Jack Bauer. His kite (and bandaids) are Spiderman....but he refuses to call them that!

You're silly, Uncle Bob! - everyone is now uncle Bob...except Jack Bauer, of course.