Friday, April 14, 2006


Well, it has been a while since I've posted. We've been getting little sleep (thanks to Josiah) so every extra moment has been filled with either a catnap or a race to get housework done. I have a few new Camdenisms for you all. Camden has had an ear infection (first one ear, now the other) for 3 weeks at least one of these has stemmed from that.

Mommy, I can't ____________ because I have an ear affection. (fill in the blank with whatever instruction you can possibly give a 2 year old.)

Mom, that! - referring to medicine....we're teaching him not to say that things taste yucky.

I'm going to fly my JACK BAUER kite high up in the sky!! - all superheroes are now named Jack Bauer. His kite (and bandaids) are Spiderman....but he refuses to call them that!

You're silly, Uncle Bob! - everyone is now uncle Bob...except Jack Bauer, of course.

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Jennifer said...

I think that camden is pretty much the smartest kid ever! haha! at least he admits that he is trying to milk his ear infection for all it's worth! most kids would just whine and not say why they want their way! as far as jack bauer goes...i didnt see joel on that kite;) cant wait to see you all!