Saturday, April 15, 2006

Childhood Memories

Since my siblings have started recalling various memories from childhood, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and adding my own. It might help you if you read Jen's Blog and Jim's blog first.

I remember (in no particular order of relevance or importance):

1. Driving my Nissan Pulsar all around the construction area at the base of the hill.
2. Convincing Bob that he was from Mars.
3. NOT SPITTING IN THE SINK! but getting spanked for it anyway!
4. Going to Dad's office in Boston and making "stuff" in the electric skillet.
5. Jimmy's headgear.
6. Jason Tessiers car rolling down the hill and getting stuck between two trees.
7. "chopping broccoli....he was chopping broccoli"
8. BBL (belly button lint)
9. Dad hanging babies upside down - not so funny anymore though :)
10. The year we all got Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas - even Jim did! Not Bob...he was still on mars.
11. Dying my hair and having it match Abby....great!
12. Bob's businesses.
13. Sledding down hospital hill.
14. Jimmy learning to ride a bike and running into the poles.
15. Jimmy getting stitches.....again and again.
16. Jen's cat having its kittens in moms drawer.
17. Painting the rocks and bricks with water at Grandma Shepherd's house.
18. Family reunions at Clague park and being skinny for them.
19. Cuckoo clocks
20. Big hair and pegged jeans....we were COOL!
21. Mom making my dress for Jr./Sr. banquet.
22. Mom making most of my clothes.
23. Jen's Christmas jumper - I still laugh. Mine was cute...hers was....not cute.
24. Making meatloaf.....if you were there, you remember.
25. Leaf sledding on the cape.
26. Walking to the movies on base and paying 1.00 to get in to see Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.
27. Getting up really early on Christmas morning to open our stockings and check out the tree.
28. Coloring ALL DAY on Christmas.
29. Easter bowls. Hidden in the oddest places.
30. Mom taking the remote to work with her so we couldn't watch tv.
31. ISI company parties and being on our best behavior in front of mom's friends.
32. The Man Car.
33. The DORF
34. Playing laser tag in the basement in the duplex.
35. Visiting churches and deciding if they were "goober" churches, or not.
36. Being in Aunt Sharon's wedding.
37. Going on family vacation and getting stuck babysitting all the cousins so the parents could go out.
38. Dad acting retarded to embarrass me at the mall and Mall Security thinking he was drunk.
39. PFC Doofles
40. Jimmy pulling the fire alarm at that store.....and me doing the same thing in the base housing and not fessing up to it until I was 18.
41. Sitting on my curling iron....not a great memory, but funny now.

There will be more to come....


Elisabeth Brabson said...

I have seen Jen's jumper Dawn, so I know how "not pretty" it really is!!! : )

Jennifer said...

hey! go easy on the jumper - i still wear that thing! oh and by the way, dawn, your jumper had CARDINALS on it...and it was kelly green! blah!