Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Memories

42. Wearing Dad's leather Army jacket.
43. Trying on mom's nylons.
44. The waterbed was ALWAYS warm.
45. Jimmy cutting our clothes in Grandma's basement when we were on vacation.
46. Coming home for spring break during college and surprising Mom at 2:00a.m. - THEN going to Bob's room and trying to wake him up....only to find out that Jamie Trudel was sleeping in Bob's bed and Bob was on the floor. OOPS! Sorry Jamie.
47. Being a cheerleader. It used to be cool.
48. Summer Camp at Northland and Dad sneaking me chocolate in my cabin.
49. Driving away from the gas pumps after camp and not paying (accidentally)....we DID go back and pay.
50. Thinking that "car phones" were sooooo awesome.
51. Learning to drive.
52. Mom made the best birthday cakes.
53. Rushing home from church to watch "America's funniest Home videos"
54. Dad swallowing goldfish during VBS.
55. Getting ice cream cones after piano lessons and sticking the papers from the cones to our heads.
56. Dad shaving his arm....for John-boy...and still telling the story!!
57. Going on vacation and trying to be good so Dad would stop someplace with a pool.
58. The first microwave we ever had (in Germany) and my food becoming petrified and preserved forever.
59. FREE RIDES!!!!
60. Mom's lasagna....I'll say it again.....Mom's lasagna.
61. Plastic man...ask Jim.
62. Robby stomping up the stairs and mom telling him to stop stomping. Then he replied, "I'm NOT...MY FEET ARE HEAVY!"
63. Hank Williams Sr. on Sunday mornings.
64. Dad's chili and deer stew.
65. Jimmy shooting his finger with a BB gun.
66. Grandma's applesauce and jelly.
67. Dad's t-shirt at my wedding rehearsal..."Is that your final answer?"
68. Cedar point.
69. Having a big extended family and having Aunt Sharon and Aunt Twyla both telling me they were the coolest aunts.
70. Going to Aunt Twyla's and staying for a month or so.

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Jennifer said...

dawn, get better soon! i love you! drink lots of medicine pop!