Friday, April 14, 2006

Something Spesull

A phrase we've been hearing a lot lately is, "I want to do something spesull!" Here are a few of the special things we've done recently. While they may seem mundane, they're not if you're only 2.

We went bowling...Camden bowled 1 game with bumpers and thought he won a championship! By the way, he's the only one that bowled. It was cheaper that way and tons more fun! Daddy helped him while Mommy and Josiah watched.

We flew a kite in the park...well, Joel flew a kite, I held Josiah and Camden ran around like a banshee yelling, "there's my kite high in the sky!!!!"

We went to us it's like a free zoo. Camden likes to watch the dogs in the groomer's area "getting a haircut." By the way, did you know they make doggie cologne? How dumb is that??

We ate out at Bob Evans. That same weekend I bought diapers that had the Lion King characters on them, and Camden saw about 10 minutes of the movie. Now his says he wears BIMBO diapers...I guess he didn't get that the name was SIMBA!!! While we were in Bob Evans he was coloring an animal color sheet and loudly asked, "Mom, Is that a BIMBO?" The ladies walking by would never have understood my explanation anyway, so I didn't bother.

I'll let you know of other SPESULL things we do. Tonight we are coloring Easter Eggs...should be an experience!

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