Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy days

The past little while has been very busy. Joel and I are leaving Tuesday to go to Germany with 4 of our teens and 1 youth sponsor. While we are excited, I am dreading leaving my boys. They will be in good hands, but I hate to leave them for so long.
Camden is now almost fully potty trained. He's afraid to not wear a diaper at night, so that is the one area we still need to conquer.
Josiah is still our toothless wonder! He'll probably cut teeth and start crawling while we're away *sigh*.
I've been reflecting on how much my life has changed in the past 11 years! June 3rd marked 11 years since my high school graduation. I guess the past decade has seen the most change than the first two (okay, almost two...).
Here's a recap of the past 11 years:

Started college at Maranatha in the Fall of 1995. I had long hair and the "wall 'o bangs". Mom and Dad were still married. Jim, Jen and Bob were still at home, and the family didn't even have Abby yet.
Met Joel that first year, but began dating the fall of 1996. Spent summers working at Benway-Johnston, Kelly Services and Houlihans.
Got engaged in March of 1999 and then went home. Taught at VCS during the 1999-2000 school year - 2nd grade. That seems an eternity ago!
Married Joel on June 24, 2000 and moved to Wisconsin. I worked in the Welcome Center and for Dr. Oats while Joel worked as the Athletic Events Manager. After that first year, I taught 2nd grade at CBCS.
In 2003 we moved to Michigan, 7 weeks before Camden was born. 27 months later, Josiah joined us.
We've been at Macomb for 3 years now....I wonder how the next 11 years will change us!?


Val said...

11 years! WOW. Time flies. Enjoy your trip. PS - I am so thankful for you as a friend for sticking by me for such a long time.

Jim and Angel said...

Your home now, update me!

Jim and Angel said...

Nevermind, Just got updated. I didnt realize the teenblast was gonna be kept up while you were gone. Sounds like a blast of a trip...someday I would like to visit my homeland

Katiebug said...

Dawn, I'd love to talk to either you or Joel. Give me a call sometime. Love you guys, thanks for your support and friendship.

Katiebug said...

Joel (and Dawn), Thanks so much for the call tonight. It was more of a blessing than you will ever know. You both are like the older siblings I never had. Love you both SO much!!!