Friday, August 25, 2006

Out of the mouth of my boy

I keep telling myself I shouldn't be so surprised when Camden says or does something funny. After all, he is a child - children do funny things. I guess I'm just easily amused which isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm rarely bored.
Last night Camden went to the grocery store with me. I was quickly reminded why I usually go by myself! Ha ha. I ended up with more kid-friendly food than is typical.
As we went up and down the aisles, Camden frequently held his hand up to his ear and talked on his "phone."
"Daddy, now we are going to buy pudding." "I fink I should get the Turtle fruit snacks because I am a free-year-old now. Is that a good idea?"
Now, picture me in the frozen food section with Camden 10 feet away yelling, "MOMMMYYYY, do WEEEEEE need BBBRRRROOOOCCCCOOOOLLLLIIII????" Yes, Camden - but I already put it in the cart.
On the way home I was rehearsing with Camden some important facts I want him to know. His phone number, where he lives, etc. He asked me, "Do we live in Southwest Carolina?" "No," I replied, "but Aunt Tracy lives in South Carolina." His answer was priceless for this MBBC grad....and when you read the next statement, add emphasis at the end like a promo video.....
"No she doesn't mommy, she lives at BOB JONES!!!!!"
Obviously he's overheard some innocent teasing of his Aunt Tracy's choice of Grad schools...we also have a couple college kids there from our church and some good-natured teaching ALWAYS abounds.....
I love this age!

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