Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Over the river and through the woods....

A week and a half ago we drove to Cleveland and from there to West Virginia to see my grandma. Grandma Shaffer has cancer and is nearing the end. We took our boys (she'd never seen Josiah in person) and spent an afternoon with her.

When we walked in the house, Grandma knew who we were (I'm not sure that could be said today) and was delighted to see us. Though her appearance has changed because of the cancer and her treatments, she still had that twinkle in her eyes.

I said goodbye to Grandma that day. I don't know that I'll see her again on this earth. While I'm sad for myself, I'm also sad for my kids who will not ever really know her. This pales in comparison to what Grandpa must be feeling. He's known Grandma since they were kids....and soon so much of what he knows as life with her will be a memory.

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