Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ER visits and new bandaids

Well, the inevitable finally happened. Camden broke a glass Sunday night and cut his toe. It was bleeding pretty badly and looked deep, so I drove him to the ER. Well, first I drove to Urgent Care but something can only be urgent until 5:00 p.m. on Sundays. So, off to St. John Macomb Hospital we went. Thankfully that hospital is only 10 minutes from our house (and 12 from the not-so-urgent-because-it's-Sunday care center. )
The nurses and doctors were TEERRIIFFIIC (as the goose in Charlotte's Web says) with Camden. They x-rayed his foot to make sure no glass remained. Then they wrapped him like a mummy and I had to help hold him down while they numbed his toe. A male nurse held down his legs (Camden is much stronger than I thought!!). 2 stiches later he was MUCH better (and not feeling pain).
All in all I was very pleased with the ER. We were in and out in an hour (not bad, really). Here's a look at his toe (picture taken Tuesday).
Of course, we must keep it clean and bandaged....so Mommy went out and got Spiderman Bandaids....the other ones we had all got used as stickers....hmmmmm.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Something new

I've added a new feature to my blog. Can anyone tell me what it is????

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First snow of the season

The meteorologist on Channel 7 said it would snow, but not stick. So, I rushed out to get a few photos of our first snow.! It is snowing and sticking, but will likely melt just as fast as it fell! Here are a few photos of our first snowfall! Yes, that is my rose...grew it myself. If you click on the first photo it will enlarge and you can see just how much is coming down!

Tigers Vs. Yankees - Game 4 of ALDS

Joel and I were given two tickets to the game this past Saturday. For me it was a blast...for Joel it was a dream come true! His beloved Tigers are in the postseason, and he got to be there to see them send those Yankees home! We had a great time.
The tickets came by way of a family member of Nate and Kristin. They joined us at the game along with Laura, Kristin's sister.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Josiah is One!!!

On Friday the 29th we celebrated Josiah's first birthday (yes Mom, he WAS born in September!). His birthday is the 30th, but that day was Harvest Fest so we celebrated early.

I made him a cake with the Baby Einstein Caterpillar on top. I thought it looked pretty good.

Happy Birthday, Jojo!