Thursday, October 12, 2006

First snow of the season

The meteorologist on Channel 7 said it would snow, but not stick. So, I rushed out to get a few photos of our first snow.! It is snowing and sticking, but will likely melt just as fast as it fell! Here are a few photos of our first snowfall! Yes, that is my rose...grew it myself. If you click on the first photo it will enlarge and you can see just how much is coming down!


Val said...

The rose is beautiful even with the snow. I just checked your blog and this post wasn't there. I must have caught you at just the right time!

Jen said...

Wow, that rose is beautiful with the snow!

I'm Jenny...found your blog off of Sharper Iron. I think it was you I chatted with a while ago. Angie Posey was my daughter's preschool teacher, and you knew her family.

Enjoyed perusing your blog!