Monday, November 20, 2006

Are you a quiverfuller???

I read this article recently and have been watching an online discussion of the topic. What are your thoughts??


Jim and Angel said...

While I think It's great that they can support a family of 12 kids...I cannot. I think that's where God gives us an option of common since when to stop having children. Otherwise, the world would be overpopulated within the next 10 years*.

*the next 10 years is a guesstimate not to be used as a source. NO resources we used in guessing the number of years. I cannot be held responsible for any accuracy or unaccuracy of my guesstimate. This comment is not intented to offend people who think 10 years is a good estimate, nor is it intended to offend people who think it is way over rated of an estimate. That being said...I'm gonna be a DADDY!

Val said...

I agree with Jim. I also always remember hearing that every couples quiver full is different! I must say though that I commend those people for the stand they are making. I know 2 families that take a similar stand and they both seem to be very happy healthy loving families. Somehow their children seem to be (and it could be because they aren't my children) more well behaved. Personally I know that I could not handle that many children. I have a hard enough time with one! Of course, I would love to have more than one child, but not 12!

PS - Congratulations Jim. I read your blog last week and had to confirm with Bob on Sunday. Somehow I wasn't sure if it was true or not!

Val said...

So, I decided I've waited long enough. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! I saw this article on another blog also. I say good for them...but I am definitely NOT up to having 10 kids in my quiver. There's a mom in my MOPS group with 10 kids and another who's pregnant with her 10th. AND...they are both always there before I arrive with my 2...AND they are always calm and collected as I come in stressed and ready to collapse! I think it takes a special that I didn't come from! Hope you're feeling you work on filling your quiver!