Monday, December 04, 2006

Quiverfuller? Me not so much.

Well, I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to give you my opinion. Our internet connection was down because of an outtage in our area. My response? Here goes:

My thoughts on this are varied. I guess I don't have a problem with the quiverfull idea necessarily, but I don't agree that it is for everyone. I know that not every warrior's quiver was the same size, and I really think that mine is on the smaller side!

I also believe that God gave me a brain and a uterus for a reason! Women's bodies generally run on a very predictable cycle. I tend to think that perhaps this is so we could figure out how to adequately plan/avoid pregnancies. For some people this is still like saying, "I don't want any more blessings from God." But...we need to be careful not to put God in a box.

Furthermore, I believe that we shouldn't have any more children than we can effectively care for and disciple. Joel and I don't make a huge salary. We live a comfortable, budgeted lifestyle. We could not possible expect to raise 6 kids on this salary! Some then say, "cut corners, shop discount stores, go to thrift stores...." I ALREADY DO!! Also, I don't want to have to figure out a way to make sure each child gets adequate attention and care. With my small (in some eyes) little nest, I can do that more effectively. Some are able to handle more. I think THAT is a special gift from God.

So, a quiverfuller? Not so much. However, my quiver is almost nearly full. :)


val said...

Perfectly stated!

Debbie said...

Some thoughts from a mom of 7, I'm not a Quiverfuller in the truest definition, instead I believe God allows us to pray about when to have more children. And we have the responsibility to yield to Him when He wants us to have more. I'm also not a my quiver is full person.

I agree that we need to be careful about putting God in a box - but that statement, in a sense, does just that. Instead, what we need to do is ask ourselves, "Who is your God?" Is He the God of the Bible or the God that can't move beyond our faults, or our finances, to do something great and mighty on our behalf. Like pay for the raising of 7 children on a missionary salary in a foreign country. Or pay for 2.5 years of Bible college through a car repair ministry. And raise 45,000 for outfit and passage. All things we could never do without God, and all test our faith to believe God can really work on our behalf.

I believe Christians rob themselves of seeing God work in miraculous ways in their lives (not just related to childbearing)because they trust in their own brain. Which God tells us throughout Scripture not to do, Proverbs 3:5,6 is just a jumping off point.