Monday, January 22, 2007

Abort 73

This week marks 34 years since Roe V. Wade - and what's really sad is that so many Americans are still misinformed, miseducated or worse, simply don't care about what REALLY happens during an abortion.
I have 2 kids and am expecting baby boy #3 in a few months. There is NO WAY that you can see an ultrasound or feel movement and not know that this baby is a real, live, PERSON.
I'd encourage you to visit a website that answers a lot of questions and gives a lot of facts. Abort73 is an effective tool in communicating the truth about abortion. WARNING: this website has some graphic images and information.
I have not read everything on the site, so please keep that in mind. I am not embracing everything you will see, but I do think that it provides some much needed information!

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