Monday, February 26, 2007

Random Ramblings

I keep saying to myself, "you need to update your blog...." but time has not really allowed. I'm going to ramble for a few minutes, so please be patient with me!

February has been a busy month, and lots has happened in our little family. You know the typical stuff like doctor's visits, church activities and such. During a routine ultrasound in January, it looked like I might have placenta previa. This is a severe complication to any pregnancy. Thankfully, a repeat ultrasound has ruled that out! Hooray!

Camden has been having his hearing tested. I noticed a few months ago that he was slurring words and not hearing me very well. He used to have a big problem with ear infections, and it turns out that there is often residual fluid in his middle ear. It seems to be resolving itself right now, so we are in a wait and see mode.

Camden and Daddy built cars for our Awana Grand Prix. Camden made a Cruisin' McQueen and Joel made a regular car. On the day of the Grand Prix we also had a teen activity to a toboggan run. Rachael and I got together with the kids since we're both pregnant and can't exactly participate (though we really wanted to!!!!). Just after lunch Camden was jumping up and down in excitement over going outside in the snow....and he hit his mouth on the coffee table. He knocked out 2 teeth! One came out clean, another came out at Dr. Graham's office about a half hour later. My poor little guy! He was pretty sore for a few days and we'll have to make a trip back to Dr. Graham this week. Part of the root of his front tooth (it was one front tooth and a tooth next to it) may still be lodged in the gum, requiring oral surgery to remove it. We won't know if there's any damage to his permanent teeth until it is time for them to come 3 or 4 years! For now he is my toothless wonder who met the tooth fairy much earlier than I'd ever anticipated.

The day after Camden's tooth accident, our family left with 6 teens for a trip to BJU. Having never attended there, I'd always had my opinions of that place. I've been there twice now on college trips with our teens, and I've been very impressed with what I have seen. Every school has their strengths and weaknesses, and Bob Jones is no different. However, I'm glad that many of my preconcieved notions have been put to rest.

Tonight is a ladies fellowship and I am excited to get out of the house for a few hours and be with just the gals! Joel is staying home with the kids (which means that he'll be exhausted when I get home...even though Josiah will go to sleep fairly early and Camden is just content to hang out with Dad. :))

Thanks for listening to my rambles. We're just living life here in Roseville!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Now THAT'S a big boy!

Check out this article about a baby born this week in Cancun. All I have to say is OUCH!