Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to reality

Hello to all of you that actually read this (I know who BOTH of you are, ha ha). Again, it's been a while since my last update. Joel and I took our teens to BJU, were home a week, and then went to the Wilds for their annual Youth Worker's Conference. We learned a lot while we were there....and I would recommend the conference to anyone who works with teens at your church!
Enjoy these photos. They've all been taken in the last few weeks.

Here's Camden, my toothless wonder, modeling some shades!

My cutie pie!

Camden's first bike. I bought it last week in Brevard for $7.50!!

Of course, Josiah had to ride his "bike" too!


Val said...

Josiah sure is getting big. I love Camden's bike. He looks like such a big boy, no teeth on a big boy bike!

mom said...

these pictures are great dawn...thanks:) of course i believe that camden and josiah are the most handsome of alllll grandchildren!!!!

Jennifer said...

i absolutely LOVE the pic of josiah's close up. how adorable is that? was he trying to see himself in the camera? camden on his bike is priceless too. hahahaha. what a big kid!