Sunday, July 15, 2007

Birthdays are a-comin'!

Well, I am trying to plan Camden's birthday party. We finally found paper products that he it's just deciding what kind of cake to make. Last week he wanted a soccer cake. Terrific! Now he wants a baseball STADIUM!!!! We'll see what we really end up making.

At any rate, we've decided to have his party at the park. That way, the kids will have plenty to do and all of the trash can get thrown out there! We're having birthday cake and freeze pops. Stay tuned for photos to come!


The Boe's ~ said...

Hey Dawn,
Good to hear from you! Thats so funny we both were married on the same day and have 3 little boys! Your boys are so cute! How old are they? My boys just turned 4,2 and Jaden will be 8 weeks Thursday.
Have fun planning the birthdays! Ours are all at the end of May :)

Dawn said...

Camden is turning 4, Josiah will be 2 in September and Trevor is 11 weeks tomorrow.

Your boys are adorable as well!

Stacy said...

I was just looking for birthday cake ideas this morning! Lauren will be one on Saturday. I think I will attempt a turtle made out of cupcakes. Looks easy enough! Much easier than a baseball stadium! Have fun!

Robert Shaffer said...

Freeze pops!