Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer Update

Here's Trevor - almost 4 months old already!

Sitting up like a big boy - with a little help, of course...

Camden and Josiah have taken a liking to dressing up in costumes. Here they are as Spiderman and Tigger - and they refused to go by any other names!

My handsome little guy

Well, our summer is over! Part of me is relieved, as summers are the busiest for us. Now, for the update on Gearhartville....

Joel doesn't need surgery, at least not right now. He has some herniated disks (not an abdominal hernia like we thought), but our wonderful chiropractor is helping Joel a lot right now.

The C2Retreat went very well. We are so thankful that Davis and Mikayla could come! Our teens learned a ton and had a great time.

Camden has said lots of funny things lately. I need to make a list...I can never remember when I sit down to blog. One that I do remember is this:

C: Mommy, you're old.

M: Oh, really?

C: Yes, because you're 30, and 30 is the beginning of old.

M: Oh. Well, I don't think I'm old.

C: (as he walked out of the room) Jesus wants us to love everybody....even you old people.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, we still don't really know what is going on with Joel. His surgeon isn't the greatest at communicating. We found that out when Joel called on Monday and the receptionist told us that the surgeon is ON VACATION!!! Now, I know that we all need a little R&R, but at least tell your patient that you won't be able to give him the results for a week. Joel was told that he'd call within a few days....well, he can't call because he's not there!

The surgeon works with his sister, and the sister read the scan but gave us some really vague answers. So, we still have to wait until next week.

Yesterday we shopped and got nearly everything for our C2Retreat this weekend. We purchased so much food--enough to feed 23 mouths for 6 meals!!! We're NOT going to starve, that's for certain!

Joel's cousin, Davis, will be speaking for the retreat. Please pray for our teens: that they will listen to the Lord as He speaks to them. Each day there will be some significant time alone to reflect and meditate on what they are learning.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Busy days of summer

So last week was really busy...we had Bible Adventure Time and Mid-Summer Mania at our church and then collapsed into comas over the weekend! Joel blogged a little about MSM in his spare time:) Actually, he just added some stuff to our facebook group for Macomb.

In other news, Joel visited his surgeon a few weeks ago because he's been in significant pain. He had surgery a year ago and has been having trouble along the same lines. Well, his original surgeon recommended a different procedure so he referred Joel to a new surgeon. The new surgeon ordered a CT Scan because he's not convinced that Joel's pain is from a new/return abdominal hernia. Joel went for the CT scan on Thursday afternoon while I took the kids to the pediatrician for well-visits. My poor hubby had an allergic reaction to the contrast that they gave him during the scan and ended up with a double dose of benadryl injected into his system. Imagine my panic when the phone call came that I had to get him! He's fine, but now we know he MUST be premedicated before ANY future scans.

Camden and Trevor had their checkups and they are both doing terrific. I can't believe that my 4 year old is 51 pounds and just shy of 4 feet tall! Trevor is a little over 16 pounds (already!!) and is 25 inches long. I think I will start pushing for a basketball scholarship for both! J/K!

I know I said that I'd post photos from Camden's birthday and I will, but I have to get the photos from Joel's laptop and it's on the fritz!

This weekend marks our last big activity for the summer. We have our C2 Retreat followed by a Tigers game on Monday. Let's hope those Tigers get their act in gear!!! C'mon boys!