Monday, August 06, 2007

Busy days of summer

So last week was really busy...we had Bible Adventure Time and Mid-Summer Mania at our church and then collapsed into comas over the weekend! Joel blogged a little about MSM in his spare time:) Actually, he just added some stuff to our facebook group for Macomb.

In other news, Joel visited his surgeon a few weeks ago because he's been in significant pain. He had surgery a year ago and has been having trouble along the same lines. Well, his original surgeon recommended a different procedure so he referred Joel to a new surgeon. The new surgeon ordered a CT Scan because he's not convinced that Joel's pain is from a new/return abdominal hernia. Joel went for the CT scan on Thursday afternoon while I took the kids to the pediatrician for well-visits. My poor hubby had an allergic reaction to the contrast that they gave him during the scan and ended up with a double dose of benadryl injected into his system. Imagine my panic when the phone call came that I had to get him! He's fine, but now we know he MUST be premedicated before ANY future scans.

Camden and Trevor had their checkups and they are both doing terrific. I can't believe that my 4 year old is 51 pounds and just shy of 4 feet tall! Trevor is a little over 16 pounds (already!!) and is 25 inches long. I think I will start pushing for a basketball scholarship for both! J/K!

I know I said that I'd post photos from Camden's birthday and I will, but I have to get the photos from Joel's laptop and it's on the fritz!

This weekend marks our last big activity for the summer. We have our C2 Retreat followed by a Tigers game on Monday. Let's hope those Tigers get their act in gear!!! C'mon boys!

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Val said...

What were the results of Joel's scan or have you not received them yet?