Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer Update

Here's Trevor - almost 4 months old already!

Sitting up like a big boy - with a little help, of course...

Camden and Josiah have taken a liking to dressing up in costumes. Here they are as Spiderman and Tigger - and they refused to go by any other names!

My handsome little guy

Well, our summer is over! Part of me is relieved, as summers are the busiest for us. Now, for the update on Gearhartville....

Joel doesn't need surgery, at least not right now. He has some herniated disks (not an abdominal hernia like we thought), but our wonderful chiropractor is helping Joel a lot right now.

The C2Retreat went very well. We are so thankful that Davis and Mikayla could come! Our teens learned a ton and had a great time.

Camden has said lots of funny things lately. I need to make a list...I can never remember when I sit down to blog. One that I do remember is this:

C: Mommy, you're old.

M: Oh, really?

C: Yes, because you're 30, and 30 is the beginning of old.

M: Oh. Well, I don't think I'm old.

C: (as he walked out of the room) Jesus wants us to love everybody....even you old people.


Val said...

Thanks for the pictures and updates! I can't believe how big the boys are!!!

Jennifer said...

okay, first, trevor is HUGE! second, camden looks petite in his spiderman costume - like narrow shoulders or something? third, josiah is downright adorable, and fourth, camden is hilarious! hahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHA. even you old people. hahahaha!

Stacy said...

Sounds like you had a busy summer. Glad to hear you guys are doing well!

Bay Family said...

The boys are cute. I have been out of touch with Jen . . . I didn't even know you were expecting the third boy! I am hoping to have a girl next time, but boys are fun too.

Angela (Bowling)Bay
Former college roomie with Jen

Keri said...

Wow! Paul and I were chuckling at how much Trevor looks like Joel! Paul shouldn't laugh, though, because he has a pretty little girl who looks just like him! We love reading about your family, Dawn!