Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, we still don't really know what is going on with Joel. His surgeon isn't the greatest at communicating. We found that out when Joel called on Monday and the receptionist told us that the surgeon is ON VACATION!!! Now, I know that we all need a little R&R, but at least tell your patient that you won't be able to give him the results for a week. Joel was told that he'd call within a few days....well, he can't call because he's not there!

The surgeon works with his sister, and the sister read the scan but gave us some really vague answers. So, we still have to wait until next week.

Yesterday we shopped and got nearly everything for our C2Retreat this weekend. We purchased so much food--enough to feed 23 mouths for 6 meals!!! We're NOT going to starve, that's for certain!

Joel's cousin, Davis, will be speaking for the retreat. Please pray for our teens: that they will listen to the Lord as He speaks to them. Each day there will be some significant time alone to reflect and meditate on what they are learning.

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