Friday, October 19, 2007

A Quattro Contest for Coldstone!!

I've been reading this blog for many months. Brad and Jen Murray have quadruplet boys! And I thought that 3 boys were a lot to handle (and I had time in between each one!). Anyway, the MurrayCrew is doing great, and I've enjoyed watching God bless this delightful family.

Currently, Brad and Jen are hosting a contest over at their blog and you can read the details about it there. Something is going on at their house this week...and no one knows what! So...go on over there and read through this week's posts...then take a guess yourself! The winner gets a $10 gift card to Coldstone....I should not have to coerce you to try to get FREE ICE CREAM!!!!

If you're in the mood to read ANOTHER blog about quad, check out the Steece Quads here. This is another amazing miracle by our Great God!

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