Thursday, November 01, 2007

Goodbyes aren't easy

Well, it's happening. As I type this, my little son is enjoying his final afternoon with his best buddies, Emily and Jadon. Emily and Jadon will be moving away this weekend, and Camden is beside himself. Emily and Jadon (and their family) have always been there. He doesn't know life without them.

We've already had a few tearful nights. We've had the discussion of how to make new friends (and BTW, Camden does have other friends. But these are the closest.) We've talked about how Mr. and Mrs. Wipf have prayed that God would show them His will, and that He has led them to this move. But honestly, that makes very little sense to a four year old whose heart is shattered.

Frankly, I'm not sure how to help him say goodbye. Sure, we can write letters and call, but it's not the same. Gone are the days of cider mills and making cookies, of playing for hours and hours in their basement, of sleeping in sleeping bags under the pool table, of watching movies, of jumping on their trampoline, of just being with them. Sure, we'll still do some of these things, and the world is not coming to an end. I just ache for him. I want him to understand that God knows what He is doing and that we can trust Him.

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Val said...

Quinn has been through this alot! But, the worst was when the only way she could express herself was with anger. She was so mad that Gabriella was leaving. She wanted to go with them. It was hard. But, our children our much more resilant than we are. I'm sure it's more our pain than theirs. Hang in there! I know everytime I've had a really good friend leave, God has always provided another. The friendships from a distance are always there it's just nice when someone is close by!