Friday, February 08, 2008

Good for a laugh

The past few weeks have been busy with basketball games, snow storms, snow camp at CoBeAc and just everyday life with 3 boys! I do have a funny story for you though.

Before snow camp, one of our teens (Little Katy) asked me if she could bring Monster's with her to camp...meaning the energy drinks. I told her that would be fine. Later on, Camden heard me tell Joel that I had told Katy that it was okay to bring Monster's to camp.

A few days after we were home (the boys didn't go to camp, they stayed with Mimi and Bapa) Camden asked, "So Mom, did Katy bring her ghosts to camp?" Puzzled at first, I replied, "ghosts?"

"Yes. You told her she could bring her monsters to camp. Did she?"

Bless his little heart. He probably thought we were all in the woods, terrified of ghosts the whole weekend!


Angie said...

So Funny! Isn't amazing what their little minds concoct.

Jennifer said...

"bleeesss his Heart!" hahahaha. you sound like you are from the south:)