Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dawn's list

My sister posted (ages ago) some of her favorites. I thought I'd do the same. I did this in Sunday School a few years ago (with giveaways and all!). No luck just get to read it.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on kittens (umm, no).....These are a few of MY favorite things:

1. Starbucks White in a cup!
2. Pampers....these really work the best for my kids.
3. Company Soap lip balm...perfect! Non-drying, smooth-as-butter and all-natural.
4. The Jesus Storybook kids recieved this as a gift this Christmas, and we LOVE it!
5. My favorite Bible! I like the translation (for several reasons) and I love the tapestry cover!
6. Crest Pro-health toothpaste....Joel can't handle the gritty texture! I love the clean sensation it I just left Dr. Graham's office.
7. Mineral Makeup...feels like I'm not wearing makeup at all!
8. Cherry's Kay Messer's fault, I promise!
9. Dr. mother, like daughter!
10. Like Jen, I value Brother-Sister Confidentiality
11. Weddings...I love them. I could make a hobby out of being a wedding Crasher, but I won't.
12. Clean, new white socks. No joke.
13. Sharpie Markers

Boy, that's a lot! What are some of your favorites?


Jennifer said...

do you sniff the markers?

Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Hi Dawn
I came across your blog post via a google alert thing and wanted to stop by and say Hi and so glad that The Jesus Storybook Bible made it on to your list of favorite things. That's cool!

So exciting to hear how you love it. it's God's Wonderful Story and I'm so honored to be part of retelling it for children--and grown ups too!

Also, thought you might be interested, Dawn, to know there are some cool resources (downloadable stories, interviews, reviews as well as some audio recordings of me reading the stories) on my site

Blessings on you and thanks again for including the book in your list. What an honor.