Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Okay, okay..I know I've been a lazy blogger. I've never been REALLY good at keeping up on things, but lately I have had a running list of things to blog about and then I don't do it! Go figure. Anyways, here's to getting better at the blogger thing.

If you're up for a good laugh, head on over to Jen's blog and read her latest post. I think she should be a comedic writer or at least moonlight as a stand-up comic. She has one great routine already down. Just ask her about the Manchester Airport incident that happened years ago. You'll be crying, I promise.

Today is the first day that Camden is playing outside in the fresh spring air. It's finally dry enough that he's not coated in mud when he comes in (just sidewalk chalkdust.) He found the carrot from our long-melted snowman (gross!!) and I commented on the fact that no bunny had eaten it yet. Here's a snapshot of our conversation:

C: Well, the bunnies are too cold to stop and eat the carrot.
Me: Oh really?
C: Yes, the daddy bunnies are the only ones that aren't cold. They are the only ones that go out right now because they are the only ones that have coats and shoes.

His imagination is amazing. Now if only we could imagine that disgusting carrot away. I had no idea it was out there...who knows where he found it??


Val said...

You're back!!!! Yeah!

Jennifer said...

maybe he was fishing off the porch and caught it with his "sprinkler" fishing pole? where is that pic on here anyway?