Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A new adventure

It seems in my family that my siblings are a little more "business-minded" than I am. Does anyone out there remember Bob's businesses? He sold pop by the side of the road and at church softball games, he walked dogs, charged his siblings interest, and even sold freeze pops in the dorm at college!

Well that's all about to change! I am starting my own Partylite business! Next Thursday is my "starter show" and after that, I'll be doing shows on my own. I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to reaching some key goals:

1. Being completely debt free (except our house, but really want to work to pay it of EARLY!)
2. Starting a car fund (the Hyundai is almost 9 years old and the van is almost 11!) to replace a vehicle in the future.
3. Setting money aside for my kids education (Christian school and College is NOT cheap!)
4. Going on a 2nd honeymoon for our 10th anniversary (in 2 years).

So there you have it. I'm venturing out in to unchartered waters for me, so PLEASE pray that I will do well and that God would bless my efforts.

By the way...even once we are 100% debt free (including our house)...I'll still be a CVS junkie!


Jennifer said...

Bob sold freeze pops at the pool one summer and also sent out a mass email his first week of his freshman year of college advertising that he would iron for people for a fee. hahahahaha. Good goals, dawn!

Stacy said...

Dawn--Good for you! I hope you enjoy getting out of the house a bit and selling Partylite. I had a party once and love their product. I have several of the same goals that you have as I head back to work at my neighbor's gift shop a couple nights a week.

mom said...

bob used to sell pictures that he colored, he also would sell soda to the neighbors. bob always thought that one day he would own a mall...after all...people always spent lots of money at the mall!!!