Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camden's First Day of School

It finally came. Camden could hardly get to sleep last night, and he was quick to jump out of bed this morning. He has been waiting for Kindergarten forever, it seems. Josiah was tearful, sobbing even, at the idea of leaving Camden at school and us returning home.

This hardly seems possible! When did my little guy decide to grow up and become a school-boy? We usually have to tell him to smile for pics.....today the prodding was not needed.

Joel took a video clip this morning (to be posted later) and was asking Camden why he was excited for school. Camden listed the usual reasons: meet new friends, learn, have fun....when Josiah piped in with, "eecause there are girls there!!!"

I love my little school-boy and can't wait to see how he learns and grows this year!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Being consistent

Joel and I had a conversation this weekend about really being consistent with our children, especially in the area of discipline. Sometimes we do really well, and other times we just don't. We know that we MUST be consistent now, while they are young.
When my boys are teenagers, young adults, college students, and beyond...I want them to know how to Biblically handle conflict. I want them to be consistent. I want them to love worshipping their God, corporately and privately. I want them to enjoy life yet understand that life is not all about them. I want them to respect those that have authority over them. I want to them to love good and despise evil.
The task is great in modeling this life to my children. They aren't going to wake up on their 18th birthday and say "Oh, let me honor my parents today" or "I think now I'll decide to be discerning and respectful." It must be taught...and I must teach it.
So how do you teach your children to have discernment? to be respectful? to love good and despise evil? to Biblically handle conflict?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Camden is 5!

Where did five years go? Camden turned 5 this past week, and it amazes me to see just how much he's grown up this past year. He's getting ready to start school at Faith, and he's so excited to go to school!

I love this little guy who loves to help his mommy, loves to "read" to his brothers and teach them new things. He's my little conversationalist that will talk to just about anyone! I love you, Camden!