Monday, August 18, 2008

Being consistent

Joel and I had a conversation this weekend about really being consistent with our children, especially in the area of discipline. Sometimes we do really well, and other times we just don't. We know that we MUST be consistent now, while they are young.
When my boys are teenagers, young adults, college students, and beyond...I want them to know how to Biblically handle conflict. I want them to be consistent. I want them to love worshipping their God, corporately and privately. I want them to enjoy life yet understand that life is not all about them. I want them to respect those that have authority over them. I want to them to love good and despise evil.
The task is great in modeling this life to my children. They aren't going to wake up on their 18th birthday and say "Oh, let me honor my parents today" or "I think now I'll decide to be discerning and respectful." It must be taught...and I must teach it.
So how do you teach your children to have discernment? to be respectful? to love good and despise evil? to Biblically handle conflict?


Becky said...

If you find the answers to these monumental questions, please share them with me! Being consistent is definitely one of my weakest points. I feel so overwhelmed, sometimes, with the daunting task of rearing 3 God-loving, God-fearing, God-serving men!

Anonymous said...

I think they will learn by watching how you & Joel handle life & what is thrown at you on a daily basis.
It is refreshing to read your posts! Your love for your husband & boys is evident.
I think of you often!
God Bless,
Janice (Maloney) Gordon

Betsy said...

Ah, this hits so close to home! I, too, would love some answers when you find them! Until then, as far as handling conflict Biblically, there is never any tattling at our house that gets taken care of by Kipp or I until the kids have already talked to the offender. If that doesn't take care of it, then Mom or Dad steps in with the offended child to settle the dispute. So far it's working pretty well. Not always, but it's a start!

Juliann said...

Questions I often ponder as well. I have not figured out all of the answers, but one thing I know that has kept me at the feet of Jesus is to know and love God's Word. The only way they can love God and obey God is to know God and we know Him through His Word. I really think this holds the answers. So in practical terms...memorize scripture with them (we are working on Prov. 31:10-31 this summer...that has been funny! You should hear Tytus recite the part about the merchants ship!) help them learn to study His Word DAILY (I highly reccomend Kay Arthurs Bible studies for children from 8 on) and use scripture every time you discipline them so they learn the why of the wrong they have done...just a few things that have helped us along the way! May we both keep faithful to the task!!!!