Friday, September 26, 2008

Um, no thanks.

I nursed all three of my children because I felt that breastmilk was the best option for them. Not all moms can do this, either because of physical issues or the fact that they've adopted (a noble choice, indeed!).

However, I'm thankful that Ben & Jerry have opted NOT to follow the request of PETA: PETA wants the ice cream gurus to start using breastmilk instead of cow's milk to make their ice cream.

Just weird.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Governor Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson

Like many Americans, I tuned in to ABC on Thursday and Friday to see Charlie Gibson's interview with Governor Sarah Palin. To say I was shocked and appalled would be the understatement of the year.

First of all, it was evident that the interview had been edited to make Governor Palin look bad. The editing job was horrible!! I commented to Joel that it seemed like our son had been cutting the tape and pasting it back together. When Governor Palin is OBVIOUSLY stopped mid-sentence you know something was left out. How convenient for ABC and the left-winged camp.

I want to call your attention to a couple of things. First of all, check out this comparison of Gibson's interview of Senator Obama and his interview with Governor Palin. The italicised text below is from the Chesler Chronicles website. There is more info there, but I wanted to post this here:
Obama interview:
How does it feel to break a glass ceiling?

How does it feel to “win”?
How does your family feel about your “winning” breaking a glass ceiling?
Who will be your VP?
Should you choose Hillary Clinton as VP?
Will you accept public finance?
What issues is your campaign about?
Will you visit Iraq?
Will you debate McCain at a town hall?
What did you think of your competitor’s [Clinton] speech?

Palin interview:
Do you have enough qualifications for the job you’re seeking?

Specifically have you visited foreign countries and met foreign leaders?
Aren’t you conceited to be seeking this high level job?
Questions about foreign policy
-territorial integrity of Georgia
-allowing Georgia and Ukraine to be members of NATO
-NATO treaty
-Iranian nuclear threat
-what to do if Israel attacks Iran
-Al Qaeda motivations
-the Bush Doctrine
-attacking terrorists harbored by Pakistan
Is America fighting a holy war? [misquoted Palin]

There’s no doubt the Charles Gibson interviews showed extreme prejudice against Palin and extreme favoritism towards Obama…He constantly questioned her ability to lead but never questioned Obama’s ability to lead..

Unreal. Conceited for seeking this high level job?? Are you kidding me? I'm not a feminist, but give me a break! These questions are similar in the same way that a Geometry test and a vocabulary quiz are similar.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Grocery Game

I just completed a four-week trial of The Grocery Game. I read about this website on a blog, and though I'd give it a try. The premise is a good one...they provide a grocery list merged with current coupons and sale prices for the store you choose.

At first I was really impressed. The first week I thought I did really well. However, during the last couple of weeks I have done better on my own, without the list. The Grocery Game list isn't produced until each Tuesday. For a few years, I have been shopping on Monday nights....we like this system! Waiting until Tuesday and then not finding the list useful has been frustrating. I have a very organized coupon system, and I'm very particular about my grocery shopping.

I would recommend the Grocery game if you're just getting started with a food budget and couponing. But for me, I like my regular (albeit OCD) method of shopping and have cancelled my membership to The Grocery Game.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get a four-week trial for $1. It was worth the $1 for me to try, but not worth the $12 every 8 weeks to continue.

I'll try to make a video or at least take pics of my coupon system. I blogged about the Couponizer, but I've come up with a system (well, I copied it from someone) that works like a charm for me. Joel laughs, but that's all right. He stops laughing when I tell him how much money I save each week!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Wanna buy me a present?

I'll take two of these, please. One red, one white!