Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Grocery Game

I just completed a four-week trial of The Grocery Game. I read about this website on a blog, and though I'd give it a try. The premise is a good one...they provide a grocery list merged with current coupons and sale prices for the store you choose.

At first I was really impressed. The first week I thought I did really well. However, during the last couple of weeks I have done better on my own, without the list. The Grocery Game list isn't produced until each Tuesday. For a few years, I have been shopping on Monday nights....we like this system! Waiting until Tuesday and then not finding the list useful has been frustrating. I have a very organized coupon system, and I'm very particular about my grocery shopping.

I would recommend the Grocery game if you're just getting started with a food budget and couponing. But for me, I like my regular (albeit OCD) method of shopping and have cancelled my membership to The Grocery Game.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get a four-week trial for $1. It was worth the $1 for me to try, but not worth the $12 every 8 weeks to continue.

I'll try to make a video or at least take pics of my coupon system. I blogged about the Couponizer, but I've come up with a system (well, I copied it from someone) that works like a charm for me. Joel laughs, but that's all right. He stops laughing when I tell him how much money I save each week!


Val said...

Did you steal the Monday night shopping from me? :)

Does this work in any area or is it just in your area???

Juliann said...

Hey...would love to see your method. Where do you get all your coupons...I am up to buying four papers a any other ideas? Steve also laughs at my couponing but LOVES all the money I save as well.

Dawn said...


It works in most areas nationwide. You can go to the site and put in your zip code to see which stores it works for in your area.


I plan on taking a video of my coupon file and getting it on here soon. I get my coupons from the paper and I print some online. Check out It's an online forum all about saving money. I only buy one paper unless there's a ton of awesome coupons, then I get another.

I saved over $30 just in coupons tonight alone!!

Jennifer said...

LOL. i love coupons too, but i dont think i am ready to cart a trapper keeper to the store...if for no other reason than the echoing velco sound when you open it in every isle:)