Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A steal of a deal

I had so much fun at the grocery store tonight...seriously. When you hear about it, I think you'll agree. Everything in the picture you see was purchased for a grand total of $44.47!!! Here's how:

Meijer had Jello coupons on their Mealbox site for $1.50 off of 2 boxes. My store had Jello on sale 5/$3....so when I bought 4 boxes and used 2 coupons, I had 60 cents left over. There is a Catalina coupon that prints for $2.00 off your next order when you buy 3 boxes of Jello, but the Catalina machine will only print one coupon per transaction. So, I did multiple transactions, combining 4 boxes of Jello with one other small item and the coupons. Then I used all of those $2.00 coupons to pay for my last transaction. How many total transactions do you think I did???

Hold on to your hats....17! Yup, 17 separate transactions! My cashier was AWESOME! Here's the sum of what I bought:

64 boxes of Jello (small ones - 4 servings), 3 large cans of tomato sauce, 3 loaves of bread, 1 dz. eggs, 2# margarine, 2 family-sized frozen meals, 1 box pancake mix, 1 pkg. american cheese slices (24), 1 4 pack of toilet paper, 3 boxes of cereal, 1 frozen lunch meal, 1 gallon of milk, 2 6-pks of yogurt, 1 Breyers ice cream (1.75 qt), 2# spaghetti, 1 jar REAL bacon bits, 2 bottles chewable vitamins (100 ct.), 4# Gala apples, 1 bottle soft scrub, 10# potatoes, 1# ham, 1 pkg. gourmet stuffed chicken breasts, 1 bottle honey, 1# shredded italian blend cheese, 1 Humidifier, and 1 pkg. pencils/erasers (stocking stuffer for Camden).

Total savings (coupons, sales and promos): $147.32!!!

Joel laughed when I wanted to take a photo first, but I'm glad I did. God has certainly blessed us in many ways when it comes to finding deals on groceries.

Feel free to drop by for a visit....I'm serving Jello every day!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Why I won't vote for Obama

There are lots of things I do not like about Senator Barack Obama...lots. I don't like his overall agenda. I don't appreciate his (and his wife's) overwhelming lack of patriotism. I am repelled by his socialism and his elitism. And, I am sickened by his views on "choice."
I am pro-life. Obama says that the first thing he'll do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). If you don't know the full extent of FOCA, read this article.
I have a terrific OB/GYN. I respect his wisdom in making wise choices regarding my health and that of my unborn children. He has delivered all three of my babies and has provided excellent care. According to FOCA, my OB/GYN would be required by law to perform abortions on demand for any woman who walked through his office door! An MY tax dollars would have to pay for it if her insurance didn't (or if she's not insured at all). WHAT?!
Here's what I see happening: healthcare for women is going to decline. Why? Because any doctor who refuses to perform abortions is going to be out of a job. Getting to see a good doc can be difficult now, can you imagine if a good number of them took the moral high road and decided they'd rather do something else than murder babies at the government's demand?
There's never going to be the perfect candidate for President. I realize that. But I cannot, in good concience use my vote to enable this legislation! I want to know that my doctor is not delivering my babies in one room, then heading to the OR to kill someone elses. A year from now I may not have that choice any longer.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why birds eat their young...

This is a long post....but I want to write it down to share with Josiah's kids one day.

I love my children. Really, I do. But there are days when I wonder if I will have to put them on the front yard with a for sale sign....

Sunday night I came home after church with the boys. Joel had a deacon's meeting, so I put the boys to bed and climbed on the couch with a book. Josiah had quite a bit of trouble staying in his bed, and I was ready to climb the walls in irritation. Then he came to the living room and told me his blanket was wet....

J: Mommy, my Tigger's wet.
M: Why, Josiah?
J: 'Ecause
M: Because why?
J: 'Ecause of the water

At this point I went to check his bed. Sure enough, it looked like a bucket of water had been dumped on his bed! Josiah had taken a cup with a silly straw to bed with him (without me knowing) and it had leaked all over his blanket and sheets.....soaking it all! So I changed his pajamas and sheets, threw his blanket in the dryer and put him back to bed.

Sunday proved to be just the beginning. On Monday, Josiah thought it would be helpful to clean the bathroom floor. So, he poured water on it so that he could dry it. When I took the towel away from him, he wadded up toilet paper and wet it in the sink and used it to wash the walls. By the way, if toilet paper dries on little fingers, it's like paper mache'.....

By lunchtime, I thought for sure Josiah was exhausted. I certainly was! So everyone, including Mommy, laid down for a nap. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Josiah waited for me to fall asleep and then got up. When I woke up, I thought he'd just been playing nicely. I was wrong.

I woke Camden up, and when he sat up in his bed I noticed his lips were bright blue. I asked him what he'd been into and he insisted that he hadn't been into anything. So I asked Josiah if he knew why Camden's lips were blue....

M: Josiah, do you know why Camden's lips are blue?
J: Yes.
M: Why?
J: 'Ecause
M: Because why, Josiah?
J: I put the stamp on him.

You see, the boys received some self-inking stamps on Saturday at a birthday party. I had put the stamps out of reach (I thought) so that the boys could use them with supervision on a cold or rainy day. Apparently Josiah found a way to get to them because not only did he stamp Camden's lips blue, but he stamped Trevor's face and hands RED!! His poor brothers had no idea....they were asleep when he stamped them! When I tried to wash it off I found out that the stamps were made with permanent ink. Nice.

At this point, I walked into the kitchen and found the peanut butter. Josiah had been eating it with his hands and had "written" on the chair and the floor in peanut butter. Exasperated, I sent him to sit on his bed and wait for daddy.

So he did....and he giggled...and giggled....as if he was reliving the whole escapade in his mind. By the time Joel got home, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Then I heard the shriek...

Camden comes out of their room holding his ear. Josiah had taken a key (an old key ring that they use as a toy, but it has a real key on it) and put it in Camden's ear and turned it! It scratched Camden's ear and made it bleed a little. Yikes!

After dinner, Josiah was washing the walls with toilet paper again....in his underwear. He had taken off his clothes (who knows why??) and I found him in the hallway, just washing away!

For what it's worth, he's really cute. He feeds himself, is potty trained and sleeps well at night. Bids for this adorable three-year-old cutie are currently being accepted. A birth certificate and wardrobe will be provided, along with a silly-straw cup and self-inking stamp set.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's just pavement....

Need some perspective on the economy? Read this article.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

Last Tuesday, my sweet Josiah turned 3! He was so excited and had been looking forward to his birthday ever since Camden's back in July!

Josiah is my little cutie pie, my sweet boy, my "Siah". He never walks! He skips, runs, hops...he's so full of energy and life that sometimes I just sit and marvel at him.

This year he asked for a green cake....a round, green cake. So while his cake wasn't the most inventive or good looking, it was what he wanted!
You may remember that Josiah was "supposed" to be a girl....at least that's what the ultrasound technician told me! While it took some mental adjustment after he arrived, I'm so thankful that God has given us this precious little boy.

I love you, Josiah Kenneth! Happy (belated...) Birthday!