Monday, October 20, 2008

Why I won't vote for Obama

There are lots of things I do not like about Senator Barack Obama...lots. I don't like his overall agenda. I don't appreciate his (and his wife's) overwhelming lack of patriotism. I am repelled by his socialism and his elitism. And, I am sickened by his views on "choice."
I am pro-life. Obama says that the first thing he'll do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). If you don't know the full extent of FOCA, read this article.
I have a terrific OB/GYN. I respect his wisdom in making wise choices regarding my health and that of my unborn children. He has delivered all three of my babies and has provided excellent care. According to FOCA, my OB/GYN would be required by law to perform abortions on demand for any woman who walked through his office door! An MY tax dollars would have to pay for it if her insurance didn't (or if she's not insured at all). WHAT?!
Here's what I see happening: healthcare for women is going to decline. Why? Because any doctor who refuses to perform abortions is going to be out of a job. Getting to see a good doc can be difficult now, can you imagine if a good number of them took the moral high road and decided they'd rather do something else than murder babies at the government's demand?
There's never going to be the perfect candidate for President. I realize that. But I cannot, in good concience use my vote to enable this legislation! I want to know that my doctor is not delivering my babies in one room, then heading to the OR to kill someone elses. A year from now I may not have that choice any longer.


HzlntLatte said...

Our country is far from perfect now and there are a lot of ways in which we have strayed from our foundation, but if Obama is elected President, I fear for us (Christians) and I REALLY fear for our children who will reap this disaster. I think the most damage he will do is on the courts - he'll appoint judges that legislate from the bench and that will start to strip away our liberty (freedom).

I pray God is merciful to us - once again!!

TOPMAN said...
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TOPMAN said...
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